Friday, June 23, 2006

Friday Foibles

So, it looks like I won't be making a Ribbon Xback out of Artfibers Rosetta yarn. I mistakenly thought that the Crystal Palace Mikado Ribbon yarn I had in the stash was the Deco Ribbon sub suggested in the pattern. Wrong! So, so wrong. But before I found my error I thought that because the Rosetta ribbon yarn was close in width my Crystal Palace ribbon yarn, I'd swatch my sample up in seed stitch on the size 11 needles stated in the pattern to see what I would get. Needless to say, I got a very hole-y fabric. Not good. So the swatch has been frogged and my Rosetta yarn lemming will stay just a lemming 'til I find a pattern that will match is pretty texture.

And in the totally winging it department, I'm doing the Booga bag pattern in the purple Mango Moon Wooly yarn monkey1 picked out at the Imagiknit sale. Since the yarn is thinner than the Noro Kureyon called for in the pattern and the pattern doesn't state the pre-felting dimensions or gauge, I'm so guessing on the appropriate needle size and stitch and row conversions. The other issue is I haven't done a swatch and felted it yet simply because I'm not going to throw a 4x4" or thereabouts square into a washing machine by itself to see how it does. Not very eco friendly, not to mention I have to wait 'til we're at my m-i-l's cabin to try any felting as my Fisher-Paykel washer is not very cooperative when it comes to stopping and re-starting a wash cycle from the same point. On the plus side, it is a quick knit, though I doubt it'll take all 5 skeins we bought.

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