Friday, June 02, 2006

Procrastinating on CO for the LB Tank

So I grabbed my Cascade 220 in periwinkle (#7809) to test out the color and some crocheted edgings for the pinwheel blanket on my CTH Twister swatch. I think that the Cascade 220 color will work well for the blankie so it looks like I won't be going yarn shopping this weekend. Saves me money and gas!

So, pic on the left shows the floret edging on top, the back of the picot edging on the side, and the backside of the shell edging on the bottom. The pic on the right shows the right side of the shell edging on top and the right side of the picot edging on the side. I initially tinkered w/a size J hook, but that made the stitches too bulky and went down to a size H hook. Much better.

Not as thrilled with the floret edging as I thought I would be, but I think I still like it the best of the three. The shell edging, though pretty and always a favorite of mine, may be too much. As for the picot edging, just simply not rocking it at all. So I think the verdict will be I will be sticking to the floret edging and then I'll be done w/the pinwheel blanket. Yay!

No to get my self motivated to CO those 230 stitches for the Lotus Blossom Tank. Or should I swatch again on size 5 needles to see what kind of drape & look I'll get w/a tighter gauge? If I go that route, I may need to knit up the 44" size 'cause there's no way I'll be recalculating the lace portion for the smaller gauge.

Edited to add: On second thought, I knitted up an inch of the swatch on size 5 needles and I can see that while I'll be a 1/2 sts tighter (6 sts/in), I'm not seeing much difference in the "mesh-like" look. Oh well. Will frog the swatch and start casting on all those stitches.

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