Monday, June 19, 2006

Getting whupped

Yesterday, I was feeling excited that I was on the last lace repeat when I discover yet another knot soon after joining my second SWTC Bamboo skein. Luckily it was close to the end of round 8 and I got better at my Russian join so it wasn't too bad. Then I hit a wall on round 9. I kept making mistake after mistake and it was so frustrating! Then finally I finished the 4th repeat and was on my way to doing the decrease round.

Note to self - do not talk, eat and do a decrease round at the same time even if one is sitting in one's lunch time knitting group. I think I did this round 3 times before I got it right. Now on to the 4 rounds of the "garter" stitch portion of the pattern then it's straight on to the stockinette stitch (St st) for at least 3". Whee!

I'll probably try this puppy on when I get thru an inch of the St st as there are now a few comments and a couple posts about the pattern being a bit big. And here I was worrying about the 1" of negative ease I'd be factoring in knitting the medium size. In any case, I'm not too worried about the lace pattern portion being a bit loose (gotta get it over my oversized shoulders, ya know), but I am worried about the top part fitting right.

In the meantime I'm lemming the Rosetta cotton tape yarn from Art Fibers in either colorway #04 or #10. Their website pics don't do the yarns justice. They're so gorgeous in person. If I ever get around to buying it (need to swatch up my wee little 10 yd sample first), I think I'll probably do the ribbon xback on knitty. I'm also lemming their Hana Silk in colorway #9 though the size US#3 needles is putting me off. That and I have no idea what I'd make from it 'cept yet another Clapotis.

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