Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Progress, or lack thereof.

I haven't made much progress on my Lotus Blossom tank because I had to re-cast last night since I somehow twisted my stitches between round 4 and 6. What the...?!? I did show my St st gauge swatch to my knitting friend (guru?) and she didn't think it was too holey at all. She also told me that the original SWTC Bamboo used to be flatter and more tape-like and mused out loud as we stared at the IK cover if Sharon Shoji used the older Bamboo for the Lotus Blossom Tank as it doesn't look so mesh-like on the top part. The older tape version would certainly fill up the holes better.

So, today I decided to post pretty yarn pictures instead of my lack of progress on my tank. So, here's one of 3 hanks of Cherry Tree Hill Melange (CTH) in the Monet colorway. CTH is discontinuing Melange due to raw material reasons. Brighter than I thought it would be, but monkey1 loves it, so I'm going with it.

It's destined to become the Garden Party sweater from Rainbow Knits for Kids for the monkeys. Will probably knit the largest size so both can wear it as they grow older:

And my totally lemminged buy came in Saturday. That was fast. So here's one of the 2 hanks of the Brooks Farm Four Play in color FP18 I bought from their semi-annual Widows & Orphans sale. The pic doesn't do the pretty, pretty and gorgeously soft yarn justice. Slated for a mini-Clapotis unless I think I can do a mini-Ella.

Just posting this pic since I couldn't load it yesterday. They're the DIY suede booties for my friend's twins. Instead of the Plush, I tried doing the fake seam in the darker Berocco suede, but I didn't like how it turned out as well as the original. Was trying to make it look more "boyish," but I suppose it kinda works. Now to figure out what to do w/the leftover Berocco suede & plush. More booties for future babies by friends? Definitely not me as I am so done.

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Betty said...

Sorry about the twisted stitches. I hate that.