Thursday, June 22, 2006

On the slow boat

BO scarf boo-boos
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Still doing the St st portion of the LBT. Taking breaks with a couple other projects since knitting this portion w/the SWTC bamboo is starting to hurt my wrists. Huh. The bamboo's isn't as stiff as 100% cotton (gives the stink eye to my leftover Sky blue Mission Falls 1824 Cotton ball), so I wasn't expecting my wrists to feel any twinges. Anyway, no new progress pics of the LBT 'cause they're boring.

So I cast on monkey1's Booga Bag in the purple Mango Moon wooly. Almost gave up since the yarn kept breaking off while I was on the cast on row. I thought it all kinds of ironic that I was doing the felting/spit-splice join on the yarn when I'm going to felt the whole thing later. The only thing that kept me going and not throw the ball at a wall was that the proceeds from this yarn goes to a good cause. Sigh. Will post a progress pic of that tomorrow.

Also started back on the gift Branching Out (BO) scarf. I knew I had one boo-boo in the garter stitch area where I think I had my lifeline, but discovered last night I had another similar boo-boo not too far from it. Aaaaaarrrrrgggghhh! I'm at 10 repeats already and so do not want to frog this thing. Am wondering if I can do a duplicate stitch over these two and hide them that way. Crap. Just crap.

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