Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I won!

One of my favorite online yarn shops, One Planet (link on sidebar), had a little contest on Ravelry in January that lots of knitters entered. I totally didn't expect to win anything, but I did! I got to chose a skein from their stock of Fleece Artist Nova, Merino, or Sea Wool. I picked and just received very quickly my skein of Cosmic Dawn in the Merino since I don't have this colorway yet. I love it. And the ladies of One Planet are very nice indeed!

In between my SotSii, DH's second sock, Monkey1's sweater, and hunting down that darn last button (JHB #2193, 3/4" btw), I finally finished my first Salish Sea sock by Cat Bordhi.

What a fun knit! It's actually not that difficult of a toe up pattern w/a reverse heel flap, so the second should go quicker if I make it my focus knit. (I think I learned a lot from knitting my Firestarters, so I didn't need to take a huge leap in logic and faith for this pattern.) At the very least, it'll be done by this upcoming holiday weekend where I get lots of car knitting done while DH drives us up to the Sierras.

Deets so far:
Rockin' Sock Club 2007 Dec kit
Socks that Rock medium weight in Nuxalk/Bella Coola
pattern - Salish Sea
pattern size - medium
needle size - size "1.5" US, 2.50 mm
Mods - none

I think the sock or foot circumference given in the pattern was misleading and should've been elaborated on. Maybe it was for the unstretched sock size? In any case, I went by gauge and stitch count when choosing the medium. The only issue I had was choosing the wrong needle size at first and not getting gauge.


Nell said...

Nice swag! And I love how the Bella Coola knit up. Very pretty!

susanruss said...

I'm a knitter who has never left sweaterland. You will have to explain to me one day the fascination with knitting socks. All of my knitting buddies make socks, but I keep thinking that no one sees my socks. :) That said, BEAUTIFUL choice of sock yarn!

tapmouse said...

OK, I swear I previously saw your SSii posted and you reference your Bella Coolas-but I don't see them! Is Blogger messing with me? I'm not viewing this from work!

And "susanruss" will just need to knit a pair of socks to understand the fascination with knitting socks! I for one, can think of many reasons I find socks fascinating: portability, variations, gorgeous yarns...not to mention all the techniques and stitches you can explore on one clothing item that you will acutally wear many times-sorry I don't have tiny bears to dress up with mini-sweaters... AND...hopefully she will wear handknit socks before making judgement. Now *that's* satisfaction!

Enjoy the weekend! I can hardly wait to see the 'pair'!