Saturday, February 16, 2008

Twist and Sock!

I finally found my last button online! I had to order a few extra to justify the shipping. :p One thing for sure. The next time I look for buttons, I'll won't buy them unless they have the correct number I need.

Deets again:
pattern - Twist by Bonne Marie Burns
size - 38 hooded version
needles - 7 & 8 KP Options
mods -
added an extra inch to both the body and the hood
accidently knit only 2" of the ribbed cuff on the sleeves
kitchenered the hood

Because I added an extra inch to the body, I used the 3 out of 4 rule of thumb for picking up stitches for the button band. I think it worked fine 'cept I am debating if it was a wise decision on my part to purposely bind off tight instead of loose. I was afraid of the buttonband flaring if I knit loosely, but going tight doesn't make for a good look either.

Lessons learned:
All that anecdotal blog/online evidence of the Cashmerino Aran looking worn out after awhile became true for me after I washed the pieces & blocked them. Sure it's so nice & soft to knit with, but I took the calculated risk about the wear when I bought the yarn in the first place. So I'm not about to complain now.

But the pattern in itself was lovely to knit and I would like to do it again in a much hardier yarn. I may however, go up one size as I'm pushing it w/the size I knit. I had 1.5 skeins leftover, so I may or may not have had enough to go up a size with this yarn. Always a risk when using stash yarn bought on sale, in a discontinued color no less.

I also need to make a decision on where exactly I like my sleeves to be on all my sweaters. I knew it would be a little long, but I didn't want to be too short either. I suppose I'll know if I like the sleeve length or not when I wear the cardigan more, but right now in our nice weather I can't tell yet.

Also done today was my second Salish Sea sock. Most of this sock was fun to knit, but the wavy cuff, not so much. I kept thinking that it would be so much faster and less fiddly if I crocheted the wave in.

I think the only part of the socks that did not fit ime deally are the star toes. I love the look when knit up and fun to learn how to do it going toe up, but as far as my feet are concerned, it makes for too round of a section with extra fabric all around.


Beth said...

That is a beautiful sweater and looks very nice on you. Nice job!

Zonda said...

Awesome job on the sweater! Looks great! Buttons, getting the ones you want and amount are a pain. I envy people that have actual button stores around them. Love the socks, that was my favorite colorway ever from 2 yrs of the club.

PurlsBeyondPrice said...

Congrats on a beautiful sweater! It looks fantastic. Can't wait to see it in person.

Nell said...

Great sweater! The color is just perfect for you!

IrishgirlieKnits said...

Wow!! Congrats on finishing Twist! It looks absolutely fabulous on you!! Great job!!

I love love love the socks too!! I have to agree with Zonda- one of my most favorite club colorways! See you later this week!!!

tapmouse said...

Oooooooooh, Aaaaaaaaah, wwwwoooooooowwwww!!!! Your Twisted looks just like the model! Ain't it great to be done! (And so sad that mine still hasn't begun!) And I love your Salish Sea socks. I soooo want to do mine, but I need to finish the Serendipitys. Oh...and a commitment to knit socks for a friend's birthday!

Opal said...

Oh I love the way Twist came out! It looks fantastic. I now have a serious case of Twist envy. :)