Monday, February 25, 2008

Of course I bought too much

While I was reorganizing my stash over the weekend after Stitches, DH opined that I don't need more yarn. This is coming from a man that owns 2 air compressors and a boatload of tools, most of which he's probably only used once and a bunch supposedly he'll need whenever he (and his carpenter buddy supposedly) ever remodels our kitchen. It's a pity I'm not as good as hiding the yarn stash as I am hiding the makeup stash. But then yarn is still cheaper than my beloved Nars ($75 now for their mini-lip palette - wtf!) and some of my Stila.

But first, my Wollmeise order came in last week. (As if that was going to curtail my SABLE either.) Emil 80/20 Twin,the new 80/20 more like the original Sockenwolle, on the left, Paul 80/20 Wild Thing, dyed for deliberate pooling, on the right, and as usual the sample skein included in every order, this time in Red Hot Chili. With our rainy weather, I didn't even bother trying to figure out the best lighting for the yarn.

So...Stitches. As usual, I bought a lot of Socks that Rock. All in lightweight. Check out the 2 Rare Gems on top. I was beside myself in all the Rare Gems they had at Stitches. I didn't get any medium weight 'cause I was on a mission to find 2 particular colors and they didn't have them. Either that or the Thursday night preview crowd snapped them up. Almost got the Twisted in Mr Green Jeans, but there was only 1 (I think I'd need 2 for the scoop neck variant of the Ribby Pulli), almost got 2 Thraven Twisteds (Clapotis anyone?), and almost got a Thraven in Laci but put them all back with the supposed logic that I would pace myself. Yeah, right. That and I decided I need to finish my SotSii first before buying any more lace yarn ('cept for that elusive 3rd skein of Malabrigo I need. More later.)

Tapmouse and I decided that if we buy any sock yarn that wasn't STR, they would be from indie dyers. So up first, our local indie dyer and knitwear designer, Fiber Fiend. On the right is her Panda sock yarn in Seas, on the left her Soft & Sturdy sock yarn in Amethyst, and under the skeins, 2 of her sock patterns, Velma & Shake Your Fishtail.

I swear I wasn't going to buy any Tess Designer yarn, but Adrienne and tapmouse encouraged me to get a couple. So pretty and blue. Guess who gets something from these?

Having failed to find a skein of Malabrigo lace in Marron Oscuro and any of the booths carrying their line, I went to the Malabrigo booth itself to ask. Lo & behold one of their display skeins was my color. I asked one of the reps how I could get it 'cause none of the Stitches booths had it, he told me "Sorry, I can't help you. You can try online." Apparently I was too subtle in the hinting and should've gone with a more desperate tack. And yeah, I finally did find it online & ordered, but I really wanted to see the skeins in person to compare to what I have and to buy it then and there.
(eta: Got a call from that online store & found out their in-stock quote was oh-so-wrong and they have none at all. Argh!)

In small consolation, I got a sample of Malabrigo lace in a different colorway. And of course, it wasn't in the Marron Oscuro 'cause I would've gone around Stitches trying to buy everyone's little sample skeins to have enough.

But really, I won't complain too much 'cause look what I scored! Their sock yarn. Yum.

But it wasn't all about socks! I swear. After hemming and hawing over Shelridge Farm's pretty Blueberry Jam Cardigan for a year, I was all set in buying the kit when we hit their booth. Then I saw Buffy wearing her Cropped Aran Cardigan in a pretty bright green (their Lemonlime colorway IIRC). In the end, I realized that I have no desire to weave in all the ends on the Blueberry Jam and its boxy silhouette truly wasn't my "style". I bought the Cropped Aran kit in Bottle Green and I'm happier with it.


IrishgirlieKnits said...

Swoon....look at all the pretties!! It was my favorite Stitches yet! Due in part of course to hanging out with you and Leslie part of the time!

How did I miss those pretty Tess sock yarns! Gorgeous! I am so lucky (I think) that Disco did most of my shopping with me...she's not an enabler! You and Tapmouse...oh no! The three of us would be in big trouble!!

And, you can tell Snowboarder and I are still in the boyfriend/ girlfriend stage...he just says, "Oh honey. I'm so glad you got more yarn. I know it makes you happy!"

Nell said...

Very, very pretty! I knew I should have gone!

gilraen said...

Ohhhh Swoon indeed!! I love all the yarn you acquired!!!!! :)