Friday, March 21, 2008

Bag...uh...Hag P0rn Friday

The perils of being sick is that I get uber dorky and silly, but check out how cute these sheepy shopping bags tapmouse found in SF! You'll have to ask which variety store in SF she found them in. It may have been in Japantown, but I don't think it's from Ichiban Kan, a totally favorite store of ours. These bags got the "cool" stamp of approval from my pre-pre-teen Monkey1.

The turquoise one will rotate with my Hello Kitty one as one of my knitting bags. I'm hoping these sheepy bags will keep my lemming desire for the new Namaste Laguna bag (in turquoise or course) at bay. It's hard to do especially since I saw Carrie's. It's certainly much more economical than the non-knitting version in the April 2008 issue of Lucky (p.205 Hogan leather trim coated canvas tote).

Oh yeah, I'm 2/3 of the way through my SotSii. That third skein isn't quite centered as it should be, but since I'm not fond of tinking/frogging my Malabrigo lace beyond one row, I only have myself to blame for the slight asymmetrical placement.

I'm going to take a brief break from this during the weekend since both Monkey2 and I are wallowing in viral misery at the moment. I'm not sure which WIP I'll be mentally apt for, so we'll see where I go next.


Nell said...

Those bags are so cute! Much more interesting than the plain black safeway ones!

adrienne said...

oh, no! you got that nasty thing? is it the fever, stuffy, running nose, cough one or the just really tired, can't get out of bed one?

i had both and neither was very fun.

hope you all get better fast. it seems most people take a couple of weeks+ to really get rid of it.

i will not be sneaking into your house for now. ;o)

cootie bugs all around!!!!!!!!!!

IrishgirlieKnits said...

Hope you are feeling better soon! I absolutely love those sheepy bags!! They would blend so nicely with the Namaste...hehehe...sorry.. I mean who needs a stinking Namaste bag?!

Sent you an email...I may be keeping Sandi and Chloe company that week instead of you girls!

Oh, Sotsii looks great btw!!

tapmouse said...

Glad you had the sense to realize that a Purlescence run would not be a good thing last night! Feel better!!!

Batty said...

I love the bags with the sheep on them! Those are so adorable!

Hope you feel better soon.