Friday, March 07, 2008


My first Rockin' Sock Club 2008 kit is done!

pattern: Serendipity by Adrienne Fong
yarn: Socks that Rock lightweight Dragon Dance
pattern size: medium
needles: KP dpns 2.50 mm for the cuff & 2.25 for the rest
otherwise, no mods

Fits great and the "ear" problem I had on the first sock doesn't seem quite as obvious on the second sock on my left leg. I will assume it'll wash/block out or will smooth out during wearing.

Love the pattern as does Monkey1 so I'll be doing this pattern again sometime later. (And I'm not saying this 'cause I found out at Stitches that Adrienne & I are practically neighbors! Really, I'm not. It's a great pattern.) At first I thought I'd have to buy another Dragon Dance for her, but she is open to using a different colorway from my stash. That is, if mommy here is willing to part w/any of her STR. Hah.


Nell said...

Way to finish before the next one comes! I never do that.

IrishgirlieKnits said...

You are such an overachiever... hehehehe! Just teasing! Those socks rock! How cute if you and monkey had matching socks!

I'm one sock and a toe behind...maybe I'll catch up a bit by Sunday :)

Wool Girl said...

I'm so jealous! I soooo want to work on my STR socks - is there some way to add more hours to the day?


gilraen said...

Beautiful socks :) I have still to finish a pair from last year though :)

adrienne said...

absolutely the most beeuutifoolest socks i have ever seen in my whole life (a totally unbiased opinion) **grin**

you need to make monkey matching socks. that would be too cute. but you are a kind mom for being willing to knit your child something from str. very kind.

i have a heel, foot, and toe to go on my serendipitys. i am sooooooooo slow.

glad that the heel looks like it will be ok.

tapmouse said...

Boy, this one slipped by me! YAY! You got them done-guess my second sock needs to be my focus after I get the sneakret project done!