Monday, March 24, 2008

Sock time

While hanging out on the Ravelry Socks that Rock group board, I somehow ended up joining an informal Cedar Creeks KAL with Braun's Woods in lightweight. Since I didn't get my March Rockin Sock Club kit on Saturday, I spent time working on this sock. I'm surprised I haven't made too much progress on this sock though. Clearly I'm very sick when knitting my SotSii was easier going than my sock-knitting.

I was also crazy enough to cast on for Monkey1's Lorna's Laces Dublin Bays, but I'm hoping the third time's the charm. So far so good. Haven't gotten hung up on the simple lace panel and the size looks like it'll work.

But today I did finally get my March Rockin' Sock club kit. And just in case you haven't been spoiled yet or haven't gotten the kit, don't scroll past the spoiler alert:

Directly opposite the color wheel of January Rockin' Sock Club color, the oh so spring, Irish, leprechaunish Lucky in Socks that Rock mediumweight with a pattern by JC Briar.

I've got that "Pot of Gold Glow." Love it.


Nell said...

I'm so excited for the Lucky! It's so pretty!

IrishgirlieKnits said...

I love how your Cedar Creeks are knitting up! So glad I got that colorway! Hope you are feeling better!

When I got my RSC package I was really hoping it was a sign of Luck for me...keep your fingers crossed! I'll let you know tomorrow! Its a perfect colorway I think!

Tan said...

Boo hoo, I'm working on taxes.

Oh, wait, I'm actually reading blogs.

Boo hoo, I'm not knitting.