Tuesday, March 18, 2008

One of those unfocused posts

At least I'm cranking on my SotSii. Hint 5 is done in the new much more orange skein I got. I'm halfway through hint 6 in the 2nd original skein. It's darker than the first, so I'm going with "let Malabrigo be Malabrigo" in the spirit of "let Noro be Noro." I should focus on finishing this since the final hint #9 was released. It's going so quickly now, but I'm not sure.

Monkey1's Lindy Hop back is finally done. Modified the shoulders with short rows for a 3-needle bind off with the front later one. I should cast on for the front, but I am tempted to do one sleeve so I can feel like this WIP is moving much faster than it is. But I need something really simple while watching Lost (when I'm not bawling my eyes out about my favorite isle couple Jin & Sun).

My latest Wollmeise came in which is good since I don't know when I'll be able to catch another update. Claudia's moved them to Fridays at different times. We can't access her shop from work (cough *not that I should* cough), so if I'm there when she updates, I'm out of the running. So, left to right: Guinea Pig 1 in med (I think - I need to double check), Miss May in med (the tan makes this combo interesting), and Vincent in dark (woohoo!).

But first, I opened up my STR Braun's Woods that was being sold at Stitches West but ended up getting at Purlescence Yarns instead.

I cast on and worked on the Cedar Creeks pattern while Monkey1 was at the orthodontist. I know I should wait 'til after we get our Rockin' Sock kit for this month, but when Carrie & Nathania started talking about a Cedar Creeks KAL in the STR Ravelry group, I just couldn't resist.


IrishgirlieKnits said...

Yay!! Cedar Creeks! I'm loving the pattern...but I went with Faulty Dyer! Of course, I'm sure I'll fall in love with yours and want to knit another pair!

Purty purty wollmeise! Love the Guinea Pig! Okay, and the Miss May!

Keep going with the Sotsii!

gilraen said...

Wollmeise is like gold dust these days!!! I am glad I got some but since it is impossible to order colours..................... I wonder what's the point anymore! It's too expensive with shipping for just one or two skeins.

Georgeous STR, as always :D

The lace looks awesome!! :)

adrienne said...

love that woolmeise! the "guinea pig" test colors are MINE! i think i will sneak over to your house when you are at work and go through your stash! can i have your house key and addy? just for emergency purposes only, of course.

sotsii is looking good. so how is tapmouse doing on hers? she does tend to get distracted a lot, huh? don't tell her i said that. ;o}

Nell said...

Gorgeous Wollmeise! So pretty. I NEVER catch these updates. And I'm unwilling to stay up all night hitting F5. Oh well! I'll oogle from a far.