Saturday, May 03, 2008

Dublin Bay socks again

I was bummed out today that we couldn't make it to the Maker Faire and see the Yarn Harlot again. Monkey2 got sick on our way there so I had to abort the attempt.

On the plus side, I finished Monkey1's second pair of Dublin Bay's in Lornas Laces Shepard Sock in Uptown the other night. She was so thrilled she wore the first one to bed and asked me to put the second one on her other foot she she knew she'd fall asleep while I finished. It's a little loose on her, but she likes it that way and it gives her a little growing room circumference-wise. (I'd have to add more length too later, but since I've got plenty yarn left over, it won't be a big deal.)

But back to the aborted attempt - since we were already halfway across the toll bridge and only a couple exits away, I decided to go to the San Mateo branch of Ichiban Kan (sorta a Japanese dollar store) instead. I figure that they may have some cheap towels that I may need to clean Monkey2 & cover her up on the way back home.

I had previously found out that tapmouse did indeed get my sheepie bag from their SF store, so I wanted to get a few more to give away myself. The sheepie (and hedgehog)-themed bags apparently are so popular that they've got other items as well. Even their plastic packaging's got the sheepie artwork printed on it (upper left-hand corner of the pic). I had too much fun getting all this cute stuff.

The only drawback to the trip to the store (aside from the fear that Monkey2 would get sick again in the store before I could find any cheap hand towels) was that this branch was totally out of the wasabi pumpkin seeds tapmouse got me hooked on.


Batty said...

Pretty socks, and look at all the cute sheep stuff! I was pretty indifferent to sheep before I took up knitting, but now... man, that's some mighty cute sheep stuff.

IrishgirlieKnits said...

We missed you!! Just wait til you see some of the crazy things Rosie and Louie did! Hope monkey is feeling better! Great job finishing the socks!

I'm going to try to head to Purlescence tomorrow (just in case monkeys feel better and you want to come!). Miss you!

tapmouse said...

Yeah, we missed you and the Monkeys two! At least the trip to Ichiban Kan made for a salvaged trip to San Mateo!

Nell said...

I'm sorry you had a sick kiddo! That's not fun at all. But is it wrong that I'm glad I wasn't the only one who didn't make it to see the Harlot?

I'm going to take a field trip to Ichiban Kan!

Alison said...

If you were approaching the Faire anytime after ten, it was probably a lost cause. Traffic: over two hours to go 1.1 miles. Maybe you lucked out by not getting stuck in that. We missed the talk.