Monday, May 26, 2008

finished Marilinda pair

Since our Memorial Day weekend was spent indoors up in the Sierras due to the rain, I finally finished my Marilinda pair:

Scout's June 2007 Indie Swag Club kit
pattern: Marilinda by Cookie A
yarn: Scout's Swag BFL in Kizkalesi
pattern size: large because I had a smaller gauge than called for (9 spi)
needles: KP Harmony dpns 2.25 mm

I enjoyed the challenge of the pattern, but I didn't enjoy knitting the yarn so much. The virtues of BFL sock yarn are probably posted & written about elsewhere, so I'm sure it'll wear well. I guess I'm too used to squishy sproingy sock yarns lately.

And Monkey1 can finally stop saying she's embarassed that her Edward Monkey is nekkid. I finally knit him a sweater from some of the STR heavyweight we used in Sock Camp. But just as soon as I finished the sweater, my little task manager asked for a scarf, so I used the STR Sock Candy in navy that came with my Sock Camp homework assignment. Monkey1 is happy for now, but I still have to knit Edward his socks at some point.


Zonda said...

Nice socks, lovely color. I've got like 2 skeins of BFL, not too excited to knit them up. Cute, clothed monkey too ;)

Nell said...

Boo about the rain! Although we do need it.

Good thing the socks are so gorgeous! Maybe that made up for it a little.

IrishgirlieKnits said...

I can just hear your Monkey asking for clothes for her monkey!! He looks so cute now :) (I mean, he's looked cute all along, just cuter now!). Well, at least you probably got to wear your camp sweatshirt this weekend right? That's what I thought with this overcast weather! I wore it each time I walked the dogs!!!

The socks look so pretty too!! (and I'd have to agree on the BFL too...all my sock yarn and I maybe, maybe have 1 skein of it!).

cupcakefaerie said...

Pretty socks! I purchased the pattern at sock camp, so seeing yours will motivate me to get my other socks finished so I can get going on my own Marilindas.

cockeyed said...

where are his pants?

tapmouse said...

OMG! Edward looks absolutely dashing! And (of course), the socks are awesome!

Emily said...

I love that color. Gorgeous!