Thursday, November 06, 2008


It took a couple tries, but I now have a hat for Squid's brother:

A Hat Fit for a Boyfriend
Mission Falls 1824 Wool - Charcoal
size 8 KP circs
cast on 90 sts
extra inch before decreasing for crown section

After all that hat gift knitting, I took a break and did some comfort STR sock knitting. I love how the first sock is not striping at all, though the second sock is starting to look like it'll flash vertically.

Crows Feet by Linda Welch
STR lightweight in Rocktober
size 2.50 mm KP dpns
extra rows in Eye of Partridge heel flap

After recharging my knitting batteries with the sock knitting, I managed to crank out a pair of gift mitts.

Maine Morning Mitts
Noro Silk Garden
size 7 bamboo dpns
no mods

However, knitting the Silk Garden reminded me why I have such a love/hate relationship with Noro. Love the colors combos, hate when a knot signifies the arbitrary & capricious change in color sequence. Since I knit this from an orphan skein I bought from The Knitting Basket's closing sale, I didn't have the luxury of mauling another skein to make the mitts match. Am debating if it'll matter or not. Also tempted to keep it for myself 'cause it's...well, Noro.


IrishgirlieKnits said...

Busy busy knitter!!! I hear you on the comfort STR knitting!!

Great hat and great gloves!

cockeyed said... many great things!

Zonda said...

Nice hat, socks and mitts! Go you, glad someone is finishing stuff :)

Nell said...

I like the Noro mitts. They don't have to match perfectly to be perfect!

cupcakefaerie said...

Such pretty things! I just rediscovered the comfort of STR myself--busy knitting my first chevron scarf (yes, better late than never).