Monday, November 24, 2008

My first blog contest!

A few weeks ago, tapmouse, Irishgirlie, and I met up at Purlescence Yarns to do a little Blue Moon Fiber Arts stash enhancement. Since I wouldn't be in the Bay Area the week of my birthday, I decided to get a bunch of Socks that Rock lightweight as my birthday present to myself. But rather than simply outing my birthday stash buy, I thought it would be more fun to have everyone guess the 10 out the 11 colorways I bought.

No one has to guess the 11'th one in that pile since I'm sharing it now:

This is Heartstone. The Purl Girls asked Tina to bring back one of her older colorways that hadn't been on the website or at fiber events in awhile. Isn't it pretty?

But I didn't only buy the lightweight. I also snagged a skein of Luscious Silk in Jasper. I love Jasper 'cause it looks wonderful in every fiber that Tina uses. I have yet to see an unattractive version of this colorway.

So, the rules:
- Deadline will be December 4, 2008. Why that date? 'Cause I like the number 4, that's all.
- One set of guesses per guesser.
- I repeat, Heartstone does NOT count as a guess.
- You can cheat and try to get tapmouse & Irishgirlie to help out...if they remember all that I bought. ;)
- You can also check Purlescence's picture here or posts in their Rav group for hints, but no calling or e-mailing them for my buying history! And I may call them too to make sure.

The one with the most number of correct guesses will win:
- A skein of, you guessed it, lightweight STR in Iolite

and an extra or few:
- your choice of one of these 3 NARS mini-lip glosses in Gothika, Greek Holiday, or Turkish Delight.

- and maybe something else, but I haven't figured out what yet. Maybe something from Stila. 'Cause I am a Stilaholic NARtian. Get my name now?

Next up, sharing my yarny birthday gifts from my knittery and non-knittery friends.


Zonda said...

Hehe..thanks for 'splaining your name LOL! Oh...nice yarnage there!

tapmouse said...

YAY!!! Let the contest begin!!! LOVE the Heartstone and Iolite! needs some Iolite, huh?

tapmouse said...

Oh-and I just noticed our BMFA Catholic Survivors mascot!

Rocky Moreno said...

Happy Birthday!

Tan said...

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Your yarn really looks lovely,
And so do you :)

IrishgirlieKnits said...

I noticed our little mascot right away!! hehehe

Happy happy birthday week!!

adrienne said...

i have always wondered about your blogger id. now it all makes sense.

happy birthday! your monkeys sure know how to shop!!!! grin

i cannot believe that you have never had a blog contest...but now that you have decided to...nice prizes.

i will be sending my guesses in a different comment!

adrienne said...
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cupcakefaerie said...

I hope you had a great birthday! We missed you at the Black Friday festivities.

Knitting Kris said...

Well Happy Birthday to you! Found your blog through IrishGirlie! I love reading about all your STR adventures! I wish I had more knitting friends, but live in such a rural area.
Here's my guesses: Eggplanted, Gingerbread dude, Gingerbread dudette, The cookie next door, Oma Desala, Lettuce knit, Muckity Muck, Footzy Foo, Prove it all night, Grimm's Willow Wren, and Freckles. :)