Thursday, May 18, 2006

Clearly, I still have a lot to learn

Yes, that's how much pink Mission Falls cotton yarn I have left straggling up there. And I'm 7 rows short of finishing. :P So the lesson learned here, aside from the affirmation that I have no skill in determining if I have enough yarn for a project, is that I need to check how much yarn I have left in my little bag much more often than I did. Especially if it's an opaque gift bag and not your cheap, but oh-so-see-through ziplock bag. Sigh. Since I was knitting the smallest size, I'm going to stop and wind the yarn back into a ball and save it for uh, a washcloth. Oh, yay. 'Tay then, off to work out instead and will be back to the drop-stitch scarf so I can finish the bugger.

Edited to add: Nothing like torturing oneself on the elliptical to realize I can rip back to before the eyelet row, do that row and a couple rows before & after in purple, and I'll have enough pink to finish the hat. Then I can use the purple yarn to do the i-cord string or get pink ribbon to thread thru the eyelet. Whew.

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