Monday, May 15, 2006

Monday's blabbing, part II

Whee, more Ozark Handspun! They had quite a few more colors than on my last visit. Made it so hard to choose a shade though. They also had a wonderful graduated purple and a blue/brown multi-mix. Anyway, the Ozark wasn't included in Imagiknit's sale, but got as my Mom's day gift courtesy of DH.
Ok, so my actual Imagiknit sale items were: 1) 5 skeins of Mango Moon Wooly in purples. Monkey1 picked it out and wants a square baby blanket out of it. Not round. Got it, mommy!?! Good. and 2) 3 skeins of Plymouth Yarns baby alpaca dk for a gift scarf. I might be brave and try the Knitty Branching Out pattern. In any case, I have 3 months to knit this one up. I also saw Imagiknit had Phildar microfiber cotton on sale. This is the yarn Kate Gilbert used to knit up her Samantha pattern. I was tempted to get some, but considering I didn't write down how much yardage I needed for monkey2 and I wasn't feeling the colors (classic white, fuchsia pink?), I passed for now. So maybe I'll just swatch up some leftover KP Shine sport and see where that gets me.

Oh, and while perusing Kate Gilbert's blog, came across this pattern that I think will work nicely w/the obnoxiously bright Art Yarns silk ribbon I have. I think I may need to find a more subdued brown or other muted shade to go w/the Art Yarns Merino 8 to tone it down though, even if I do knit it into a modular scarf.

And even better news, followed the advice of my knitting friend (mentor?) and Elizabeth Zimmerman's Knitting without Tears, swatched my Butterfly Super 10 cotton on size 8's and got gauge and it's not as loose as I thought it would be! And I'm finding my Butterfly super 10 green yarn is so much softer than the white Takhi cotton classic that was my other swatch. Huh, I wonder if that's do to the bleaching process to get it white enough. Anyway, finally feeling happy about starting Kyoto. Now to finish my other WIP's so I can start. :D

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M said...

that ozark is gorgeous (and I like the other sets, too!).