Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Half Flower

I've probably gone off the deep end in ripping Twisted Flower sock #1 when I decided to tie a story in with the process. The legend of the naupaka popped in my head while contemplating to rip or not to rip. It is one of my favorite childhood Hawaiian legends. Nothing so tragic as the classic story of two lovers from different classes/worlds being torn apart with only a glimmer of hope of them ever getting back together again.

(The heel isn't perfect, but I love the stitch definition the Louet Gems Pearl gives.)

My favorite part of the legend being if you collect the beach naupaka (the commoner man) and the mountain naupaka (the royal lady) and put them together that you could once again reunite the two lovers.

So one day, Twisted Flower 1 will be reunited with Twisted Flower 2 and I will actually have a matching pair while someone on Oahu will be reuniting the mountain and beach naupaka together.

P.S. Toddler hat modelled by Cheer Care Bear (the soccer ball is MIA) knitted from the free pattern on the Charmed Knits KAL. I used the orphan blue (shade #219) and yellow (shade #216) Rowan All Seasons cotton yarns purchased from Article Pract's big sale last year. No orphan "bronze" or "gray" skeins, so my Ravenclaw beanie had turned into a Cal Bears beanie.


IrishgirlieKnits & PashyKnits said...

OH....bye bye sock number 1!! Hurry cast on! Because that pair looks so pretty!!! Hope the second attempt goes better :) Happy 4th of July!

Batty said...

Beautiful legend, I hope the lovers (and socks!) can soon be together again.

tapmouse said...

OMG!!!!! You did it, you did it!!!!! Yowza! I adore the Cal Bears cap, too...

Well, I know the second edition of Sock #1 will be even better and they do look wonderful.