Sunday, July 22, 2007

Interrupting the WIP's for Harry

Got my book yesterday and proceeded to ignore the house-cleaning and folding the laundry (at least it's been washed & dried) and put my mad speed reading skills into high gear. DH had a refresher course on what I used to do before I knit. ;)

My sister got the book the day before and we vowed not to call each other 'til we knew we were both done. Gotta love siblings that understand the Harry thing. She really hates being spoiled and was beside herself when people at the bookstore proceeded to, not only open the book at the end, but read parts of the book out loud. She did all she could to get the heck out of there with her copy unscathed.

Luckily, that didn't happen to me 'cause I got mine at Costco amidst the Sunday morning shopping rush. And DH thoughtfully stuck my copy in a plastic bag from the meat department so it wouldn't get stained from anything that could leak as he knows how much of a neat freak I am about my books.

But before I got the book, I did manage to get quite a few rows into my Horcrux sock in fingering weight. The pattern's available at the Six Sox KAL yahoo group. (The worsted weight version is available here.) Thanks to tapmouse for pointing me in that direction.

For some reason my brain associated horcruxes with the color dark green, so I cast on with Yarn Botanika's superwash merino tencel in Pine Forest. It's thinner than BMFA's Seduction as far as my initial swatching went, so it'll be a nice learning experience for me.

Also in so progress is my Menehune Cobblestone sock. So, so soft. Splitty as heck, but I guess I'm used to it when I've been working with cotton. It's also giving me a nice break from all the ribbing I've been doing for my Something Red (which I've torn back to re-do the increases) and the Horcrux sock.

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