Thursday, July 26, 2007

I'm a puff piece

Which Hogwarts house will you be sorted into?

Since all my WIP pics are boring, I decided to see what house I'd be sorted into. I knew I wouldn't be a Gryffindor or Slytherin, but I kinda wanted to be a Ravenclaw. Heh.

I finally saw the Order of the Phoenix Monday night. I had finished book 7 the night before, so it gave some scenes a bittersweet flavor for me. I'm glad I didn't re-read OotP before I saw the movie since I'm sure I enjoyed it more that way, especially with the downplaying of all that whining Harry does at the beginning of the book. It was one HP book I wanted to throw at the wall since Harry's teenage angst was driving me crazy.

The Horcrux progresses.

But not at Stitch 'n Pitch. Not much lighting up in the nosebleed seats, so it was a bit dark to work on it.

Not a great birthday game for Barry Bonds and an okay SnP goodie bag. Monkey1 did enjoy starting the needlepoint set that was in the goodie bag when she finished her food and got bored. She caught on quick that baseball is boring. I was thinking about going to the Oakland A's SnP (they at least have a better record this year) in September, but now I'm not so sure.

Caught up to where I was before I ripped to re-do the increases on my Something Red. Still not happy with it, but before I stab my eyes out w/my knitting needles over the ribbing, I decided to just plug on and hope they're not so obvious after a wash & block.

But what seemed truly endless was the gusset section on my Menehune socks. Apparently my rows are short so I had a lot of stitches to decrease to get to the foot section. My gauge is also off so I will run out of yarn before the sock is done. I won't rip & re-do since the sock does fit now. If I re-knit to the pattern gauge, I'll have to go to the large size, but I won't. The yarn is rather loosely plied and I'm not sure how the yarn will be if I frogged and started over. Besides, I can be too cavalier about my frogging.

And last but not least, happy birthday tapmouse! She'll have to post her b-day swag since I neglected to take a picture of it before I gave it to her.


IrishgirlieKnits & PashyKnits said...

Nothing wrong with being a Hufflepuff! I was a Ravenclaw :) but depending on which sorting survey, once in awhile a Hufflepuff too.

Horcrux socks are looking good!!

Batty said...

I'm a Ravenclaw all the way, but somehow, I always imagined the Hufflepuffs as the house that really knows what's important in life. They're supposed to be great friends, they don't do crazy stuff out of bravado, they're not obsessed with books and academics, and they don't consider being ambitious and manipulative an art. They sound like great fun to hang out with.

The socks are all looking good. Too bad Boston doesn't do Stitch 'n Pitch, I'd love to go, it looks like so much fun.

tapmouse said...

Thanks so much for my Birthday wish and the giftie! I haven't had a chance to put it up on my blog, but just realized today that I may post again!

I initially thought you would have been a Ravenclaw, too. I got sorted into Hufflepuff, as well.

Ladymyzt said...

The only real bummer about being a hufflepuff is the colors are not great. Yellow and black. I want to make something with the colors but I dont know if I want to look like a bee! :P) I do agree with the assessment of the Hufflepuffs :) We are good people too without the need to go all crazy and chase dark wizards. We'll live to knit another day. Maybe if Voldy had been given a nice part of hand knit socks, his attitude would have been much better. I mean look at Dobby! and Dumbledore, all he wanted was more socks! Sorry Just had to chime in!