Friday, August 31, 2007

Friday Crochet FO

Didn't realize it, but my second non-sock FO is also red. Both started during the red months of Project Spectrum too, but only finished this one last week while we were off sweating up in the Sierras. Now we're just sweating at home.

Pattern: Red Riding Hood from Crochet a Day calendar February 21, 2006 (haven't found a reference for the pattern itself online)
hook size: G
Yarn: Knit Picks Merino Style in Hollyberry - 5.5-ish skeins , 2 dyelots since I order the last 3 awhile after I ordered the first 3. No noticeable difference in dyelots, so fine with that.

No gauge or dimensions stated in pattern (maybe a statement that it was for size 2-4 or was it 4-6?), so flew by the seat of my pants on this one. Also, got sloppy w/all those hdc's for the hood and with seaming the back of the hood. Too lazy to fix either issue. Extended the collar out and increased the width to as much as I could in full repeats. Monkey1 wanted it even longer, but I said no 'cause I didn't feel like ordering more yarn for it. It needs a bit of blocking to flatten out the wavey bits, but I need to wait 'til I can get it out of either monkey's possession long enough to do it. That means it'll be like the dead of night so it'll be awhile.

As for the "clown barf" sweater for Monkey2? Monkey1 gave me that look only one's children can give and asked if it could be for her. Given that the colorway suits her so much better than Monkey2 (Monkey1 has my coloring, Monkey2 DH's), I acquiesed (willingly & gleefully) and will rip the giant swatch and proceed to knit Monkey1 a sweater out of the Plymouth Fantasy Naturale yarn. Although the 26" was plenty roomy for Monkey2, it wasn't so much for Monkey1. And negative ease in 100% mercerized worsted weight cotton on a growing kid doesn't seem practical to me.


IrishgirlieKnits & PashyKnits said...

Absolutely adorable!! Love it!! Great job :)

SFNeighbor said...

Red Riding hood came out cute and it looks like the Monkey is enjoying it! Interesting that the pattern can't be found on line since the Knitting a Day calendar seems to have so many patterns from the internet!

Another thought-maybe the "clown barf" will knit up differently and you won't get as much pooling and separation of the colors-I think it may have been meant to be!