Friday, August 17, 2007

My preciousssssss......

Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock bag in violet:

Socks that Rock skeins in the bag:

Left to right: All lightweight unless otherwise noted.
Jail House Rock, Backstabber, Tanzanite (med), Rose Quartz (med), Jade, Falcon's Eye, Grandma's Flower Garden, Philospher's Stone, and Metamorphic.

I tried to widen my color spectrum a bit and didn't do too badly, but I hadn't realized Philosopher's Stone & Metamorphic had such similar rust & blue shades. I'm still working on heading in the yellow/orange section of the color wheel so the orange in Jail House Rock is a good start. I am contemplating getting Olivenite, Sunstone, Oregon Red Clover Honey, or 24Karat on my next STR buying binge, but I could really go for the Coral. It's more on the pinkish side, so I will ponder my potential wish list for awhile.

In any case, all this sock yarn acquisition has me realizing I need to start knitting all the sweaters on my list, so I can make more room. ;) The monkeys are growing and if I don't make them the sweaters I want to make, they won't fit.

Off on vacation next week. Not sure if I'll be posting since my laptop and I are having issues again. I'm not at the point where I'll happily cross the PC/MAC divide, but I'm actually considering it.


Batty said...

Ooooh! The colors, amazing! And the names are cool too. Jailhouse Rock and Backstabber are my personal favorites.

IrishgirlieKnits & PashyKnits said...

Sooooo pretty!!! Just love all the new colors :) I got a few of those too (and of course, now I'm loving some of the additional new ones!) I love Backstabber and Philosopher's Stone especially!!! And the bag too :)

tapmouse said...

Whoa! Quite the haul! I saw the pics in your camera, but seeing it spread out on the screen-and all such awesome colors!

Still waiting for my (greatly reduced) STR order!

tapmouse said...

BTW, I noticed that the Rose Quartz isn't shown on the BMFA site anymore! It is gorgeous! know...I'm on a serious yarn diet anyway, so i guess it helps with the temptation.