Thursday, August 16, 2007

Socktus Interuptus?

Not really, but I have progress on my Ribby Pulli:

Cascade 220 in Regal for the body from Purlescence Yarns, Cherry Tree Hill Twister in Jewels from Full Thread Ahead's Knit & Crochet Show booth from last year. (The flash is pulling the CTH purple more blue, but I was too lazy to wait 'til the sun was up. That and it's soccer practice day again.)

Purlescence is dangerous for my project queue. I was going to make my CTH Twister into a mini-Clapotis at some point until I was urged to do a little KAL with you-know-who after seeing the ones at Purlescence (Chloe's hooded one especially). And despite more ribbing, this is actually fun. Probably 'cause it's ribbing in wool and not cotton blend. Not that I have no love for cotton blends, but if I did the Ribby Pulli in a cotton blend, I would've stabbed my eyes out w/my KP needles already.

I would've finished my Solstice Slips earlier in the week 'cept for the sweater. At least I am done with this Rockin' Sock Club installment before the next one. Not to mention I've got a mother of a STR order coming in. I spent my 10% club coupon and I spent it well. Not as well as I would've if my parity raise came in, but ther is no doubt I've reached STR SABLE status now.

Usual specs:
Pattern - Solstice Slip - June Rockin' Sock Club exclusive
size - medium
Yarn - STR lightweight in Firebird (my ballband word was "Phoenix")
Needles - KP size 0 (2.00 mm) for the cuff, size "1" (2.50 mm) for the rest

- 1" k3p2 ribbing on the smaller needles since the cast on stitch count is 75 - carried the zig zag pattern down the 40 st heel flap
- standard St st toe

Additional comments:
While my magic STR lightweight number is 64 sts, I do have at least a 1 st leeway using the 65 st Solstice Slip foot as an indicator.

It figures that after I finish these socks with the mods I felt that it would've been fun if I did do the pattern exactly as written, especially with the garter stitch heel & toes.

Next up sock-wise, finishing up the second halves of my Horcrux & Menehune Cobblestone socks. I actually cast on and started the cuff of my Menehunes on my last visit to Purlescence but I haven't touched them since. We're on vacation next week, so I hope to have them done by then.


Batty said...

Beautiful socks! And a whole STR order, can't wait to see what you got. I'm still keeping my coupon, holding it ready for the time I decide I need a major stash enhancement. Congratulations on not just using it on a single skein of sock yarn.

Kel said...

Preeeeetty! Thanks so much for your offer of your extra Firebird yarn! That was really sweet! I actually had plenty to finish off with, and I like the length (they are long enough to pull up without pinching the calves). I love your Blue Moon haul: I've got some backstabber, too and think it is very rich! don't know what it will be yet... ideas?