Thursday, August 09, 2007

In another time zone , it is YPF

But first, August means soccer practice has begun and I lose my afternoon backyard light by the time we get settled at home. So it's indoors with the flash feature for my pics unless I wait 'til the weekend.

My first Solstice Slip is done! My first Rockin' Sock Club pattern where I made modifications. Seen here with 1" of k3p2 ribbed cuff on size 0 (2.00 mm) needles and the standard St st toe. I simply wasn't in the mood to do another garter st short row heel & toe despite the convenient option of knitting these cuff down. After doing the garter st short row heels & toes for my Inside Outs, I had that feeling of ennui about them. But how fickle I am as I will probably do the garter st short row heel & toe in the Ruffled Garden Socks in the August Magknits issue. (I've been admiring GFTC's work in the Socktoberfest group in flickr & see her post on Knitter's Review forums, so it's nice to "recognize" a designer.)

Back to the Solstice Slip, I did go with a heel flap but I was inspired to carry the zig zag pattern down from my Twisted Flower Socks fancy heels. Apparently, I'm finally recovering from the adventure of knitting the Twisted Flower 3x to make 1 pair of socks. (Only in knitting can you have 1+1+1=2.)

This makes my count of single socks go up to 3 in a month. However, I've already cast on for my second Solstice Slip and the other 2 orphan socks will find its twin in a couple weeks.

And nothing like the words "discontinued" to make me buy more yarn from an indie dyer who I thought I wouldn't be buying from for awhile. The top skein is Stormy, the bottom Sweet Briar Rose, both sock yarns from Sundara. Unfortunately, the flash is really washing out the Stormy. It's not that pastel-ish blue IRL.

I thought I had scratched that itch of exclusivity when I finally got her Cherry Blossom skein a couple months ago. But no, I had to read that she would discontinue her multi-color skeins over time and would only do semi-solid & solids from now on for her permanent collection. (I've tried once to buy a one-off skein of hers before, but I'm not competitive enough to enter that sharkfest every time.) So now I will officially declare my Sundara itch has been scratched for a long, long time.


Kathleen said...

I like how you brought the pattern down th heel. Wish I thought of it. One thing I have noticed is the amount of white in the fire bird yarn. My skein had hardly any.

Kel said...

OOOOOOOH Pretty! I just stared the June, too (but I skipped the grasshoppers) and I'm doing toe-up like the pattern. I may copy your ribbing though: That last inch looks nice. I love how you did the pattern on the heel: Looks super fancy! Nice!

IrishgirlieKnits & PashyKnits said...

Your solstice slips look great!!! Love the modifications!!

Gorgeous Sundara yarn too!! I was sooo tempted to order some of those colorways to when I read about the discontinuing, but I resisted!! They are so pretty!!

Alison said...

Your socks looks wonderful, and that yarn--I can see why you got it, most definitely. Nice stuff!

Batty said...

Very pretty socks! Your modifications are great, and that sock yarn is gorgeous. If the flash washed out the colors, I can't even begin to imagine how beautiful it is in real life.

tapmouse said...

And the Sundara is sooo much more luscious in color!

Man, I so need to get my Solstic Slips moving, but I am now completely taken with my Ribby Pulli progress! (Finished a sleeve-one more to go!)