Wednesday, July 05, 2006

A couple almost FO's

Since I caught up on all my lace repeat sections I needed to get to on my gift Branching Out scarf during this long holiday weekend, I decided to distract myself with a bunch of wee little knits to use up some of my single left-over skeins in my stash in addition to finishing the knitting portion of monkey1's Booga Bag.

I have the One Skein Petal Bib in my leftover KnitPicks (KP) Shine Sport skein in Apricot being knitted up on size 6 needles per the pattern. Didn't check gauge 'cause I'd be halfway thru the bib by the time I finished a swatch. In any case, I'm done w/the bib portion and am working on the i-cord tie. This will be my first official knitted object where I officially wrap my short rows. And while I did a decent job hiding the wraps on the knit side, I didn't do so well on the purl side. I'll need to practice that more. In any case, I plan to do one more petal bib in my leftover KP Shine Sport skein in Butter.

I finished knitting monkey1's Booga Bag. All it needs now is to be felted. I used up 2 hanks of the Mango Moon Wooly (Woolie?) for the bag portion and a little bit of the 3rd hank for the i-cord straps. I still have 2 more hanks of Mango Moon Wooly that along w/the leftover 3rd may be enough for a small French Market Bag. I think by the time we make it back up to my mil's cabin, I may be done w/that bag so I can felt both at the same time. Since I'm totally experimenting here, I don't have any expectations on the finished size. I just want to make sure the shape is close enough.

Somehow I lost my pics of a couple more almost FO's. Will try to post those later.

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