Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Well, this is going to suck.

For some reason I decided to recalculate the yardage on my Butterfly Super 10 green yarn for Kyoto last night and realized that I am one whole hank short. I let the yarn store owner calculate the yardage for me and I didn't bother to check or get an extra hank. I called the yarn store just in case they still had the yarn left and of course, they don't. I didn't expect the same dye lot since I bought the yarn in April, but she doesn't even have any green at all. Lovely. I'm sure there's a logical way to resolve my shortage like buy more green yarn from somewhere else and hope the dye lots match, or buy a different green yarn in the correct yardage plus extra, but right now I'm just too miffed at myself. So for now I'm dumping the Kyoto back and will start swatching for something else entirely, like the not-so-shrunken sweater or monkey2's Rowan Fletcher hoodie. But on the off chance someone in knitty land has an extra hank of this lying around languishing in their stash, I put a request in on the knittyboard. So not holding my breathe.

Edited to add: I called all the Bay Area stores and none of the ones that carry SR Kertzer Yarns carries the Butterfly Super 10. Great. I did find a couple online stores that carry it in my color so it looks like I'll end up ordering 4 (maybe 5?) hanks. I'll have to make sure they're the same dye lot too and save the 3 hanks I have for Kate Gilbert's Pea Pod Sweater. Sigh. Nothing like ripping out 10" of St st and starting all over on something else.


Kel said...

ah, that is too bad! How about making the sash in a different color? Maybe a different dye lot wouldn't show on the seed stitch? I'm so sorry: You had a big section of boring back done, too!

Stilaholic Nartian knits said...

Well, fortunately, I have enough pink for the sash, just not enough green for the upper half. :P

I found a couple places online that have my green so I can either buy 1-2 more hanks and blend it in every 2 rows (what a pain!) or buy 4-5 hanks and save the 3 for something else, but that would mean ripping out the back.

Decisions, decisions....