Friday, July 28, 2006

One Skein & a Bit Wonder

Since my Lorien x-mas in July sale order came in, I could finally finish my sis' OSW. Specs are:

Pattern: Stephanie Japel's (aka Glampyre's) One Skein Wonder (OSW)
Yarn: Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in Blue Paradise - 1 skein + 1 row & BO rows for the body worth of a 2nd skein
Needle sizes: US #6 for the body, #3 dpn's for the arm ribbing ('cause I don't have #2 dpns') and #3 for the body ribbing
size: 16 1/2 - in order not to strangle my sis' arms, I chose not to go to the smaller size (16) and adjusted the pattern for a "16 1/2" which is probably why I ran out of yarn. If I stuck to the 16, I probably would've done fine w/1 skein.
Gauge - the ball band gauge of 5 st/in on the #6's

Overall thoughts:
- This was a fun knit. I now understand the beauty & elegance of knitting from the top.
- Would I knit this again? Yes, but probably not for me. I may do a mini-one for monkey1 some day and I would definitely knit this for one of my younger, smaller shouldered cousins if I want to stick to "one" skein.

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wei said...

I first came across Glampyre on the BPAL forum, and remember her because her website has some amazingly gorgeous stuff. Small world! (And yup, I'm back from Australia.)