Friday, July 28, 2006

FO Friday

Finished my second Pea Pod hat for the Richmond WIC coordinator Yarn Harlot mentioned having the bf hat campaign. Will send it off in the mail tomorrow. I knit the smallest size in my leftover KP shine sport in grass, but I had enough yarn once done that I could've made the next size up. Oh, well. The biggest lesson for me on the hat this time around is that I cannot knit this pattern on a deadline 'cause once again I screwed up the leaf lace pattern. Don't know where I screwed up, but screwed up I did. It's not noticeable, at least to me (and my friend) so I didn't rip back 'cause I didn't know where to rip back to. If I ever do this again (or help me, the matching jacket), I'm going to have to obsessively count my stitches and lifeline the heck out of it.

Next up, finishing sis' OSW 'cause my Lorien order came it. Monkey1 was less than pleased that I didn't get ALL the yarn colors she wanted. Sheesh, I might as well buy stock in Brown Sheep 'cause I think she marked almost all of them on my color card. Heh, I'll just wait for the next Brown Sheep cotton fleece sale or wait 'til Lorien re-stocks 'cause she's got the best non-sale prices online, beating out some online stores sale prices!


Olive said...

I love the PeaPod set. I have it saved for when there is an opportunity to knit it for someone! Your hat really looks great and I love the color.

Batty said...

That's a very pretty hat. The color is absolutely perfect for something called PeaPod!