Monday, July 17, 2006

Nothing to see here...

Kyoto is progressing along 'cept it makes for boring photos when all it is is still a green rectangle. But I did get to the point on sis' OSW where I can fit it over her to see if I need to knit one more size up before I start doing the arm and neck ribbing. I think I'll get it done before she goes back home next week. Not sure if I get a photo in before she goes home w/it though.

And nothing like winding up some stash yarn (Cascade 220 dark periwinkle to practice the circular crochet cast on for the French Market bag, EL Silky Tweed for my not-so-shrunken-cardie, luscious Brooks Farm Four Play, and the rest of monkey1's Mango Moon wooly for another bag), going shopping for non-yarn clothing w/one's mom, and getting a call that Nars Fall 2006 will be in at the end of the month to get me out of my yarn buying binge! Of course, that's after I got 2 hanks of Noro Kochoran #21 from Article Pract's sale for a mistake rib scarf rom LMKG. ;)

It's a good thing too since KnitPicks has been slowly uploading and testing certain pages of their new yarn, like Swish Superwash (colors are too, too cute!), Gloss (not ready for socks yet, but these look lovely), Shamrock, Quarry and others like Telemark and Essential Tweed. It's probably better for me too that other knitters test them out. Especially when I don't have any pattern in mind for these yarns anyway.

In any case, while I finally got my WEBS backorder of my Barefoot Knits book, they were once again OOS of the 1 hank of Elsebeth Lavold silky wool that's slated for another Branching Out scarf.

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