Monday, July 24, 2006

The yarn elves are hot & cranky

I got so, so close to finishing sis' OSW in only 1 skein of Brown Sheep cotton fleece before she left Sunday. But nope, I'm 30 stitches short. I even started binding off 1 round shorter for the body ribbing, but it was not to be. I did contemplate doing a crochet bind off but it would've been too firm a bind off for the ribbing since it's supposed to be done loose. The little yarn elves are intent on making me buy more yarn, darn them. The other cotton fleece I have in my stash are Pink Diamond and Blush, 2 pinks that are so not going to work w/the Blue Paradise. Since I only need enough for the 8th round and the bind off, dye lot won't matter, so I decided to buy one more skein. I went as far as calling a bunch of Bay Area stores I was willing to drive far enough to see if they had any Blue Paradise and absolutely no luck. So I'm going to buy my one skein plus a few other colors from Lorien since she's having a sale. Obviously my lesson learned is I need to start buying that extra skein from now on. :P

During this heat wave, it's been hard to do any knitting, especially since our power went out twice this weekend! I did manage to make a petite French Market bag (FMB) as my swatch as I'm totally confused on what size needles I'll need. This first one I knitted on size 10 dpn's, mainly because I don't have size 101/2 or 11 needles that's usually recommended for Cascade 220 felted projects. I'm then going to knit up another mini-one on size 8 dpn's called for in the pattern since some knitters who have made the FMB w/Cascade 220 used this size fine.

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Kel said...

Buy More Yarn! Buy More Yarn! (I'm not helping, am I...sorry!) And sorry it is so hot there. We even had photos in our local paper of sweaty East Bay people (and the bank thermometer in Walnut Creek, of all things!) Sounds like knitting in air-conditioned movie theaters for you!