Friday, July 07, 2006

Why it's dangerous to go yarn sale shopping w/friends

Yesterday my friend and I went back to Article Pract at lunch so she could get her Noro. She ended up w/a load of Kochoran instead of Iro though. We originally went together to keep each other honest but we ended up inducing total buying binges on both sides. Since I found a pattern for the Elsebeth Lavold Silky Tweed I'd been lemming the day before (Knit & Tonic's Not-So-Shrunken-Sweater), I ended getting it in Brown though I almost went with a blue similar to the SWTC Cobalt Blue bamboo I already had. So now we made a vow that we can't go shopping with each other any more. Well, at least for awhile. Not good for the wallet. :o

Getting my quick fix knit urges almost satisfied. All I need to do is finish the i-cord tie for this Jade Mission Falls cotton hat then I'll have another FO.

And to keep me honest, I am on track with the BO gift scarf. I finished the 1st skein of Plymouth Baby Alpaca DK and onto the second. I suppose if I concentrate on this I'll get this done earlier than I plan, but it does take concentration and I can only do this at lunch at work away from the monkeys.

So I'll be starting my Knitty Kyoto (finally!) this weekend. Since it involves a lot of meditative St st, I can do this while watching the monkeys' antics. I'll be starting w/the back. I never did a complete swatch (bind off & wash & block) with the size 8 needles, just the 6 and 7's, so the back will be my really big swatch. I had been thinking about doing the sleeve first, but my knitting mentor keeps telling me I need to do both sleeves at the same time, so I either need to get another Boyes interchangeable set or use my extra size 8 circulars that are Susan Bates and hope there is a negligible difference in sizes.


Batty said...

I know the feeling! You accompany someone else to a LYS, and next thing you know -- hey, how'd that yarn get in my bag? Who charged my credit card while I wasn't looking?
Oh, yeah. Me.

The hat is very pretty, I like the blue. And the BO is looking mighty long already. I don't think you'll have any trouble finishing!

Kel said...

Life is short: Spend cash on beautiful fibers! (okay, I am selfishly enabling you just so I can vicariously shop...sorry!)
And the Kyoto! Weeeeee! Congrats on starting that! After this weekend I now have 2 16" sleeves (I did them in the round, one at a time, but close enough in time together so that my memory was fresh). I will probably start the sash on Wednesday.
Nice hat and scarf! And beautiful LBT on the KAL!