Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The other almost FO's

From Last Minute Knitted Gifts (LMKG), I finally UEU'd my Mission Falls 1824 Cotton in Sky. I used all I had to make the baby size cotton hat, so I think I'll dig up some skinny white ribbon I think I have in my sewing box to use as the tie. I don't think I have enough Jade to make a second tie for this hat. Besides, I was never thrilled w/how Jade and Sky looked together once knitted up. I still have 2+ full skeins of Plum (purple?) Mission Falls cotton leftover but I don't want the hat to have a purple tie. I suppose I could get a yellow/gold ribbon for the tie, but the blue in Sky isn't dark enough to make the hat a Cal hat. (Go Bears!)

And here I'm using up my leftover Mission Falls 1824 cotton skein in Jade to make the cotton hat. My lighting this morning is a little drab, so the pic is a bit dark. I'm knitting up the toddler size as I have more of this yarn leftover than the Peony or Sky skeins. Once these are done, I'm debating on what to do w/my 2 full leftover purple skeins. I can make 2 more child sized hats for my friend's dds who love all things purple. Or I can make a tank top for monkey2 from a pattern I found online. Will need to re-find that link though.

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