Thursday, January 29, 2009

Singing the Blues

Rockin' Sock Club 2009 kit in da house! As usual, don't scroll past the second pic of my project below:

Moebius for Peace

yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts Luscious Single Silk in Moody Blues
pattern: Cat Bordhi's moebius scarf from knitty gritty
needles: US size 10.5 KP nickel-plated circs

I love how Moody Blues knit up, even in its unblocked state. I have 129 g of the LSS skein leftover. Plenty for a second moebius (moebii to spare?) or a pair of Toasts/Toastys. I haven't decided yet.

A nice way to end an interesting month.

I love the colorway (so me!) and am definitely in my Blue Heaven. Queen of Beads, however, I am not. As for my ballband bluesy singer, I got Lucinda Williams. Off to hear a sampling of her music online.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Circles Never End

I didn't think much about Cat's nifty moebius concept since I bought her book & the skein of LSS at Sock Camp last April 'til tapmouse suggested I join in Tina's KAL. After the sucky start of my new year, I figured I too needed a little peace and decided to join in. The only thing I won't be doing though is dragging this WIP out for 4 years. Maybe I'll do one a year. And instead of for 4 years, hopefully 8 like Carole suggested in the comments.

yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts Luscious Single Silk in Moody Blues
pattern: Cat Bordhi's moebius scarf from knitty gritty
needles: US size 10.5 KP nickel-plated circs

While I started working the main pattern yesterday during the inaugural ceremonies, I cast on earlier last week. It took me a few tries. While Cat's tutorial is awesome in how easy the cast on is, I had issues in 1) casting on the correct number of stitches for the pattern, and 2) prevent myself from adding in extras crossings/twists while knitting the first round, all at the same time. It probably didn't help that I tried to learn another new cast on during the same week.

Yup, I started DH's forest green & tan vertically striped hat. It took several aborted attempts on dpns & KP circs magic loop style before I remembered I still had my old Boyes Interchangeable set that would allow me to have a 16" circular. A total doh moment! So much easier to keep the cast on stitches aligned straight while joining the 2-color tubular cast on in the round. It was an absolute PITA on dpns or a much longer circular needle.

It was so frustrating that I cast on what I thought would be a suitable alternate hat for DH in the meantime.

The Other Hat that Rocks
Knit Picks Swish Bulky in Squirrel Heather
size 9 & 10.5 Knit Picks Harmony circs
pattern size large

After checking to make sure that he also didn't think cables are "girly" (guess who Monkey1 got that idea from), I cast on & finished in 2 days! Even in between boring chores & tasks. Then DH tells me "It's not green. Or tan." So. Now it looks like that co-worker that half-jokingly asks for a hand-knit item now has one. Or at least he will have one next holiday season.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

2008 Rockin Sock Club Wrap Up and more

I didn't expect to knit all my kits last year, but somehow I did.

(missing is Monkey1's Sweet Tart's 'cause I can't find it...yet)

The last kit was fun and fast once I focused on it.

yarn: Socks that Rock medium weight in Muddy Autumn Rainbow - how fascinating what you get when you swish in extra red dye to Fire on the Mountain
pattern: Holidazed by Anne Hanson
needles: size 2 (2.75 mm) Knit Picks Harmony dpns
patten size: medium
mod: only decreased the toe down to 16 sts rather than 8

Also completed in Socks that Rock are my Leyburn socks as part of the Socks that Rawk Raverly group's KAL.

yarn: Socks that Rock lightweight in The Cookie Next Door
pattern: Leyburn socks
needles: 2.50 mm Knit Picks nickel plated dpns
converted pattern to cuff down w/slip stitch heel flap
cast on 66 sts and maintain stitch count in the foot as well

And in between all that, I finished a hat.

yarn: Knit Picks Swish worsted in Lemongrass Heather
pattern: Meret (Mystery Beret)
needles: Knit Picks size 7 & 8 nickel-plated circs
pattern size: medium w/the 1 extra repeat of the lace pattern for slouch

Friday, January 02, 2009

Well, at least the knitting goes well

First, our vehicle gets rear-ended on our way to the cabin in holiday commute traffic. While waiting for our state highway patrol to take our incident report, I was too anxious to work on any of my socks in progress and proceeded to cast on for the Meret (Mystery Beret - Ravelry link) in Knit Picks Swish Worsted in Lemongrass Heather.

But once up at the relative peaceful quiet of our cabin, I managed to make some progress on my Holidazed sock, my Merlot Vine sock, and even started the cuff of my Leyburn sock.

the last Rockin' Sock Club kit of 2008
Holidazed by Anne Hanson (knitspot)
Socks that Rock mediumweight in Muddy Autumn Rainbow
size 2.75 mm KP Harmony dpns
pattern size medium - no mods

Left Merlot Vine Sock by Anne Hanson (again)
Twisted Fiber Art Arial ombre self-striping yarn
size 2.50 mm KP circs
mod: Judy's Magic Cast on for the toe

Then, the text at 3:30 am one morning and the subsequent call from my sister later in the day came the news that our paternal matriarch, my dad's mom, had passed away. In the Philippines. A day's drive from Metro Manila. Younger sis is going to represent the family as both my brother & I have young kids and mom just used up her vacation time.

If I had one of those mood indicators up on my blog, it would definitely be set at sucky.