Friday, April 28, 2006


Just random blabbing w/pics.

The start of Knitty Haiku in Knitpicks Shine Worsted Bachelor Button - in which I kept screwing up my 2" and 3" sections so I've frogged and re-knit the box stitch section at least 1x. This is the project where I had to switch cables due to the broken one. Still need to mail the defective one back.
Also swatched the Cherry Tree Hill Twister to see how it'll do in my washing machine. I initially started the pinwheel blankie pattern at first but I suck at starting w/5 stitches on dpn's. Will need to get my friend's help at our lunchtime knitting session on Monday. Oh, and 560 yds of yarn make for one huge "ball."

M's Ozark Handspun scarf. All dry, just need to weave in the ends.
Re-started My-So-Called-Scarf. Haven't gotten to where I royally screwed up and frogged back but I'm almost there. It's a point of pride now.
And ending on an Aloha Friday kind of note. A pic of my first eyelash lei draped over my Hawaiian quilted bag full of more eyelash yarn for more leis. See, I can crochet and eyelash yarn is good for something. A yarn snob I am not. ;)

Maybe in another post, I'll put up pics of my other crocheted stuff. In Lion Brand yarns, no less.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Good news

The company that makes the Boye Needle Master replied to my e-mail and told me to mail them the defective part and they'll replace it. Whew!

Otherwise, just posting a swatch pic since it wouldn't load yesterday. This is the Butterfly Super 10 cotton in green #3715. It's a little splitty so I need to pay attention when I knit this this as I can totally see when I split the yarn even though I corrected myself. Will need to re-measure my gauge as soon as this swatch dries. I'm thinking of knitting a swatch of this or the Tahki cotton in the double seed stitch to check the gauge too since I read in the old Kyoto knit-along that some had a gauge mis-match between the double seed stitch sash and the stockinette stitch body. Then again, I probably won't knit the sash separately but instead pick up stitches from the body pieces first & knit in the round.

I finished the Ozark Handspun scarf and it washed and drying. Will post pic of it when it's dry.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

A wtf?!? vent about my Boye Needle Master

DH bought me the Boye Needle Master set for x-mas and I have been happily using it since. However, last night when I pulled out my project from my bag that was being knitted on the size 7 needlepoints attached to the 21" cable, I found that one of the needlepoints & metal portion of the connector had snapped off the plastic/nylon connector portion. I can see that the metal screw end of the connector was still inside the plastic/nylon receiver end.
I can understand other parts failing due to fatigue (eg the plastic/nylon cable), but I don't understand the metal failing in such a short time. I live in a moderate climate and so we don't have any extreme temperature changes in the weather and my children are young, under 6, so I don't see how they could be strong enough or heavy enough to break it. Well, I suppose my older punk could jump up & down on it repeatedly for a long time, but it's highly unlikely she would want to and I would've known too. The other one's a baby and prefers to gum on the yarn itself.
I know I can order a replacement 21" cable for $3.50 a pop, but I e-mailed the company on small chance (better than a snowball's in hell maybe?) that they may actually offer a free replacement 'cause I don't see why it should break that way, well at least relatively soon after getting it & using it. So we'll see.

On the bright side, I finished the DB Molly Bolero! I'm probably odd as I enjoyed seaming it closed so much more than picking up the 214 stitches for the front ribbed edging, probably because there are a few holes in certain locations when I picked up the stitches. And since I knitted to a tighter gauge, it fits dd1 perfectly and I've got 2 skeins leftover which I'll probably knit into a hat like this one cept I may not have enough for the cute ear flaps:

So, on the what's up next list are:

1) Ozark Handspun scarf 'cause it should be a fast knit

2) the already started Haiku in Knitpicks Shine Worsted in Bachelor Button which I had to switch cables on

3) knitty Kyoto - finished the swatch, but now I need to wash it & re-measure my gauge as I've read online that Butterfly Super 10 & Tahki Cotton Classic have a tendency to "bloom." Kyoto is one project I would rather not knit too big.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Yarn for Kyoto, finally!

I initially started out at a new lys (well, sorta kinda local for me, but local for someone :) ) called That Yarn Place in Dublin. Loads of Cascade 220, 220 Superwash, and Sierra, but no Pima Tencel. :( However, they do have Frog Tree, so I know where to go when I need their yarn. Went to Joann's across the street after and successfully found size 10 dpns (pinwheel blankie whoo!), then I headed over to another lys over in Pleasanton. It's a nice little shop that I've been to once before a few months back and got a copy of Rowan Pipsqueaks (oh yeah, need to knit a couple projects from there still). So instead of finding any Cascade Pima Tencel, I find the yarn actually called for in the Kyoto pattern, Takhi Cotton Classic and its exact doppleganger Butterfly Super 10. Butterfly is a much better deal as it has 230 m instead of 100 m (sorry not in the mood to convert to yds) per hank. The only issue was color, but between the 2 brands, I managed to find a pink and green combo that worked. The yarn store owner said Tahki had a whole load of different pinks but not the one called for in the pattern as she was phasing out the Tahki for Butterfly. She didn't have the Tahki green either, but the Tahki pink #3449 and the Butterfly green #3715 she did have were a pretty combo for me. Also snagged a hank of Tahki white for the contrasting trim as I didn't need the 230 m of Buterfly white. Now all I need to do is swatch away for Kyoto as I don't need to swatch for the pinwheel blanket. Oh wait, I do as I need to see how the CTH Twister yarn will do in my washing machine. So excited again!

I should really be shopping for Stila

So the news heard round the mu world is that Esteee Lauder finally sold Stila to Sun Capital. Unfortunately, that means no new stuff and existing stock will be diminished, if not returned to the warehouse. Instead of going to the pro store in Santa Clara this weekend (well, there is still the rest of today and tomorrow), I hit the Knit & Crochet Show at the Oakland Convention Center. I can tell I'm still a newbie knitter, especially when it comes to figuring out what sale yarns are good buys or not. I had a very good case of can't-pick-one-itis 'til I hit the Full Thread Ahead booth. The owner (posts as HoJo on the Knitter's Review Forums) had just finished knitting a pinwheel blanket in one hank of Cherry Tree Hill Twister in a green colorway. So pretty and nice feeling. She showed me a pastelish colorway (Waters below) in the yarn and I was hooked. Also saw and loved the Jewels colorway and a graduated blue (royal-dark) colorway and realized they'd make cool Clapotis. HoJo said at 560 yards, there wouldn't be enough yarn for a full sized one, so I said it would make for a great mini or scarf sized one. So ended buying the Waves and Jewels. Too bad I hadn't printed out the pinwheel blanket pattern beforehand (had seen lots of pics of it online) 'cause I hadn't realized I would need size 10 dpn's for the initial part. It would've been so convenient to buy it there, but I didn't think of asking about needle size then. In fact, the Cherry Tree Hill label didn't have the recommended needle size and I had to hunt for it online. I'll have to figure out where to buy it since my lys (local yarn store) is closed since they're manning their booth at the K&C show and the closest Michael's to me (Joann's too) has a pathetic to non-existent selections of dpn's. Drat. And after all that, I still haven't figured out what Cascade pima tencel colors to buy from the Webs sale.

Cherry Tree Hill Twister in Waters - slated for a pinwheel blanket

Cherry Tree Hill Twister in Jewels - mini-clapotis maybe?

DB Molly progress shot. Geez, I thought the stockinette body took forever, but slowly and surely I'm getting thru the ribbed edges. My alas! poor so-called scarf is frogged. I do like the pattern, really(!) and I love the colors, so I'll attempt this again later. Maybe after the pinwheel blanket...

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Keels over due to this morning's stoopid newbie knitter antics

So I should know better than to try an fix an error first thing in the morning instead of getting ready, especially when I had trouble reading the stitches. Noooo, I had to just blindly flail along. So instead of fixing the one bad stitch I made I somehow dropped 2 stitches and for the life of me couldn't figure out how to fix it. And instead of putting it down to deal with later in the day, I decided to frog away a row, then 2, then more, then I started snagging. Doofus. So I figured I'd try the freezing mohair trick and shoved the whole darn thing in the freezer so I can frog it easier when I get home. Of course, Manos doesn't have mohair and is 100% wool (Corriedale & merino), but I goofily decided to try it anyway. Sheep have been out in the cold before, so why not? I so know DH is going to open the freezer when he gets home before me and have a WTF?!? moment. In any case, I hope when I get home tonight I can be able to finally read those stitches again so I can pick things back up. Otherwise, I'll be spending my spare time tonight frogging the motherf'ing thing and starting all over. Well, maybe I'll start over next week.

I'm hoping my knitting mojo isn't too badly off today as I plan to pick up & knit stiches on the Molly bolero sleeves next. I know better than to try the 214 sts in the front. Hah. On second thought, maybe I'll just cast on for dd2's Haiku. It's mostly in garter stitch so I shouldn't be able to screw that up too badly today. I think.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Thrashing Tuesday

Hmmm. I don't know. I like it better w/o ear flaps. Maybe it'll look better on M's head?

So, done w/the body of the DB Molly bolero. Read the instructions of needing to pick up & knit 214(!) stitches along the front edges and neck for the ribbed edging last night and my eyes promptly glazed over. I've put it aside for now (aka not bringing it to work for my lunchtime knitting) 'til I'm mentally prepared to tackle this little chore. Either that or pick & knit the ribbed cuffs & lower back edge so I can keep progressing. All I know is that the Knitpicks button blue shine worsted yarn I had set aside for DD2's Molly bolero is going to something else instead. Maybe this:

Oh, and look, a matching mommy sweater:

Otherwise, here's my knitting project wishlist until I get around to learning how to put these in the sidebar: - not sure if I'm ready for lace - too cute! - for meeee! - did I mention I love - for sis, but not in that blue - a custom fit tee! - or a custom-fit tank?

In the meantime, I'm plugging away on my-so-called-scarf and swatching my single Plymouth Wildflower DK yarn in fugly #76 Olive for the One Skein baby hat maybe. Also need to swatch my Debbie Bliss cotton cashmere skein for a One Skein single cable scarf. Also a maybe.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Yet more boring progress stuff

DB Molly bolero again. Woohoo! The endless stockinette stitches are in sight! Once I'm done w/the body, I think the instructions have me do the front edging & collar, the back edging, the cuffs, then seaming the the sleeves & sides. Finished product should look like this:

Lookie! It's M's hat. Still need ear flaps and maybe ties if I have enough yarn left over. Thinking of a matching scarf too which should be easy as I don't have to worry about fit on a scarf. Too stressful making things for others w/o having a clue whether they'll fit or not. That said, my Otis ballet wrap sweater fit my friend beautifully. A big fat whew there.

Posting this pic simply because I'm in love w/this Manos colorway. The My-So-Called-Scarf pattern is so fun too. The only thing is I'm been knitting in cotton blends mostly that it took me a bit getting used to knitting the Ozark wool/mohair blend and this 100% wool yarn.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Random stuff

Decided to post a progress shot of dd1's Molly Bolero (Debbie Bliss Junior Knits). It's looking cute. Using KP Shine worsted in Snapdragon on size 7 Boyes interchangeable circulars. Had originally made a swatch in size 8 and got gauge but decided the stitches were too loose/had too much ease, so went down a needle size. Because Debbie Bliss patterns are written to be oversized, I'm figuring the tighter gauge would be better anyway.

Since finishing Otis, the only thing I had on needles was the DB Molly with it's endless yards of stockinette stitch. So in a moment of boredom, I cast on for my-so-called-scarf in Manos wildflower. For once I'm actually using the yarn called for in the pattern. I love this colorway which can be seen so much better than in yesterday's pic.

Oops, forgot about this pic of my stash. It's the Rowan Big Wool and Big Wool Tuft that was part of my Patternworks end of the year sale cotton grab bag order. I guess that's what I get for ordering so late. I end up w/non-cotton items in the bag. Anyway, after talking to my knitting guru/mentor, I've decided to save the Tuft for something later like trim for a bag. In fact, I've decided not to do my practice hat pattern on the Big Wool and just plunge in on making the Ozark hat. Wrote out the pattern, need to unwind the hank into a manageble ball, and cast on.

Decided to do a goofy shot of my mu and my Clapotis since my mu colors are what inspired me to pick this particular Noro Silk Garden colorway (#233). Going clockwise, that's Nars Misfit e/s duo on top, Nars Santorini e/s, Shu Uemura ME 638 Blue, and Shu Uemura ME 555 Green. I think I have other mu shades that are closer to the Noro colors, but I didn't dig them out. I'm betting a couple of my loose mineral e/s colors (Stila AOS for eyes blue & green) are better matches too. If not, I can always buy more mu! Both Nars & Stila summer are out! I just need to hit the counters. :)

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Flashing my stash. Well, part of it.

aka how to take craptastic pics of yarn w/a disposable camera:
aaka how to load one's pics in a totally random way:

So, 1st pic are 2 skeins of Ozark Handspun in a rosey pink & green multi (hints of purple in there too) and size 17 dpn's slated for M's hat. (I need to write out the pattern as I'm combining a couple patterns.)

2nd pic shows my yummy 3 skeins/balls of Malabrigo in the Indigo colorway that I bought at Stitches West. Originally slated for a slighter smaller than pattern Clapotis (yeah, another one). But in talking to a friend, I may use 2 skeins for a scarf (may or may not be a Clappy) and the 3rd for a hat.

Last 2 pics are my Article Pract haul. 3rd is my other yummy splurge of 2 skeins/balls of Manos Del Uruguay in colorway #113 Wildflowers. Slated for My So Called Scarf. Last, but not least is Southwest Trading Company's cobalt blue that was on sale. Bought the last 5 skeins of this color. Have more than enough (1-2 skeins extra) for their Ballerina tank pattern.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Otis is officially done!

Specs again:

Pattern: Otis by Rebecca Hatcher in

Yarn: Knitpicks Main Line Dusty Lavender, 10 skeins

Needle size: US 8 to meet gauge

Miscellaneous project notes-

- Have 1 skein left-over that I need to figure out what to do with.

- Originally started w/size 8 clover bamboo needles (swatch knitted fine w/these), but as I knitted along I noticed my purl rows were getting significantly looser to the point that my row gauge grew. I had to forceably tighten up the yarn on the purls and try to stay loose on the knits. Such a pain, so I switched to my Boyes aluminum and managed to get both purl and knit rows to be consistent sizes and stay within range. So apparently I'm finding that I knit the Knitpick cotton yarns much better if I use my Boyes aluminum needles (2 straights from my learn to knit kit & the interchangeable set). Huh.

- Now that I'm done w/this gift version, I want to make one for myself. But I need to wait 'til the Rowan Silk Tweed originally called for goes on sale. Either that or wait for Rowan to release colors I like as I don't like the spring/summer colors available at my local yarn store. Then again, I really like the prices of KP yarns.

Did I spec this already? If not:

Pattern: Kate Gilbert's Anouk in (notice a trend?)

Yarn: the "new" Mission Falls 1824 cotton

Needle size: US 7's met gauge

Misc project notes:

- The Mission Falls 1824 cotton is too heavy for this size & pattern. (And did I mention stiff?) Am debating on whether or not to knit another one (little M's keeps growing though) in a lighter yarn. Not sure if KP (knitpicks) Shine worsted will still be too heavy or if a merino wool would be too hot (we are in CA after all).

- My pockets are wonky so at some point I need to re-seam at least the left side so it looks more level.

Other things:

Am wanting to knit either or both knitty Soleil or Grumperina's Picovoli (magknits) in either KP Shine sport, Cascade Pima Tencel (too thick?) or Classic Elite Yarns Premiere (even on sale at Webs still a higher price point). Then there's the shapely tank pattern which is probably better w/the Cascade Pima Tencel. Of course, then there's all the decision-making on colors as 1 or all will strictly be for meeeeeeee!

Had the worst time trying to get gauge for the Soleil & Picovoli w/my leftover KP Shine sport. Then I realized the cable length I was using on my Boyes interchangeable was too short and the amount of leftover yarn was too small. Re-knitted a swatch on size 6 Boyes w/the longer cables and a better amount of yarn and finally got gauge. The only thing is since KP Shine sport has quite a bit of ease, I really like KP Shine sport better when knitted on size 5 needles. Bugger. I got halfway thru a swatch of KP Shine worsted on size 7's to see what that would lead too and got too firm of a fabric and didn't quite get gauge. Bugger on that too. Looks like I'll be experimenting w/the pricier Cascade and Classic Elite instead.

The Knit & Crochet Show is next weekend so I'm looking forward to playing w/yarn and deciding on colors.

Oh yeah, next up, practicing my size 17's dpl's on some Rowan Big Wool and Big Wool Tuft for a hat or 2?

Monday, April 10, 2006

Otis is almost done!

Pattern: Rebecca Hatcher's Otis available on
Yarn: Knitpicks (KP) Main Line Dusty Lavender
Needle size: size 8 circulars (Boyes interchangeable set)

Almost done! Still need to seam up the sides (notice the glint of the pin on the bottom right in the pic?) and attach the organdy ribbons, then I'm fini! So I'm only 1.5 months late on this b-day gift.

Other totally unrelated random thoughts:

- Still need to develop the film but have lots of random stash & progress shots on disposable camera to kill the roll

- Want to knit either knitty Soleil or Grumperina's Picovoli/Tivoli, but darned if I can't get gauge on my leftover KP shine. Apparently my knitting's tightening up. When I knit the Daisy cardigan and Magknits tank-of-many colors, I got 20 sts/4" = 5 sts/in on size 7 circulars. So I first knitted a gauge sample on size 5's. Got 6.5 sts/1". So I moved up to size 6's and got 6 sts/1". Gah. Since DD1's Debbie Bliss Molly bolero is attached to my size 7 circulars, I need to wait to finish that or detach the size 7's and put them on other cables to do another test swatch to see if I can get the 5.5 sts/1" both patterns call for. On the other hand, Webs ( has both Cascade pima tencel and Classic Elite Premiere (also a pima tencel) on sale. The Cascade's a better deal, but knits to a larger gauge (more worsted than DK). The Premiere looks close to gauge (21 sts/4") so it's possible to get gauge, but it's 1 yd less/50 g and $0.50 more/skein. The only other difference is the Premiere has brown (Coconut) that I think I want. Decisions, decisions...

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

first hat

first hat
Originally uploaded by crochet_chick.
Crap pic, I know. But the recipient already got the hat so I can't re-take it.

Made out of my scrap KP Shine Orchid (can you tell I was running out?) and Blush. This is my first knitted hat, and a simple chemo cap at that.

Made for a friend of mine who has successfully completed her treatment for bone marrow cancer. Yay!

And it fits! Whew. It was a surprise, so I couldn't e-mail her or call her and ask her what her head size was out of the blue. So happy.

Next hat on my list to make - the Kara Janx one from Project Runway!