Sunday, August 23, 2009

Summertime & the living is easy?

Not necessarily, but stockinette stitch surely is.

Tiered Skirt from Barefoot Knits book
Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in:
Cotton Ball, Carribean Sea & Emperor's Robe
size 7 KP circs

Converted the pattern to top down & in the round. Also upsized the circumference to size 12/14. As with Monkey2's Twirly Skirt, I knit the waistband closed 'cept for a 1-2" gap to insert the elastic as I knit along. Did not porportionally increase the length 'cause I figured the Cotton Fleece already would be heavy. I've already adjusted the elastic band 3 times to keep the skirt from slipping. I'll have to adjust it one more time based on Monkey1's feedback after she wore it to her summer program before I washed/blocked it.

And when I did wash/block it, despite the white vinegar the dark blue bled like the dickens unlike Monkey2's pink/red Tiered Skirt. I found that totally ironic. Maybe I didn't add enough vinegar as Monkey1's skirt is much bigger.

Also done are:

Kai Mei from Cookie A's Sock Innovation
Pigeonroof Studios Siren Two sock in Midnight Haze
size 2.50 mm KP circs

I had major Second Sock Screw Up Syndrome with the left sock. For some reason I couldn't keep track of either my gusset decreases nor the paired increase/decrease stitches to make the lace panel travel. Even using tally marks on a piece of paper didn't help. While I re-did the gusset at least once, buy the time I got to the end of the foot, I lost patience & kinda winged the fix.

In any case, with the super soft merino/cashmere/nylon blend, I'll most likely wear this pair around the house rather than out & about in a pair of shoes.

Oh, and speaking of Cookie A, check out the website for her second book! Tapmouse picked up a copy of the flyer at Sock Summit and showed it to me. My sample sock isn't in any of the pics, but it is a variation so to speak of one of them. Totally looking forward to next spring ('cause someone in the know told me Feb 2010 is a little to early).

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Once upon a time...

I could sew. Not so much anymore. Then again I had way more time and patience in jr high for the fiddly parts than I do now. Ironic since I love to knit and crochet.

Drawstring bag:
I looked at a bunch of free online tutorials & and cobbled elements of all of them to use up 2 entire fat quarters just to see how big a bag I'd get and to check my m-i-l's sewing machine after we had it serviced. I figure it would be a good way to re-start my sewing since it involved only straight lines. I still need to take final measurements but it's large enough for Monkey1 to fit one skein of Red Heart super saver skein for her crochet project (she wants to make a throw blanket!), her lanyard project, and a pair of shorts. So far, the seams are holding, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Knitted Babe Flower Power Mini pattern:
Since it was a long time since I sewed a garment, even a little doll one, I just blindly followed the pattern without checking online if there were errata or construction issues. I only realized after I cut the pieces that the size given for the skirt portion was too small to give the fuller gathered skirt look. I could either cut an additional piece to add on or re-cut another piece more to the correct size. Since Monkey1 was fine with the less-than-full skirt look, I just finished off the skirt. I had issues with the order for sewing the lining of the bodice 'cause it left me w/doing the armhole last w/bias tape. PITA so it looks really sloppy/crappy at the underarm seam. But the rest of the dress is okay. Next time I sew a dress/outfit from the book though, I'll need to do a full-on pattern review before I start cutting & sewing.

Knitted Babe Net Tutu:
Knit Picks Palette in Blush, I think
size 3 KP circs
scrap netting/tulle sewn in by hand - I've been keeping an eye out at the local Joann's & finally snagged a remnant in pink recently

And I'm finally making significant progress on my first Digitessa sock. I messed up the beginning of the gusset because I got confused w/the charts and waffled on which side my M1P right and M1P left were supposed to go. I'm now on chart 5B for the leg and upsized my needle to a size 2 (2.75 mm) to account for the snuggest portion of the leg.

Next up: If I remember, I'll flash my custom buy stash that tapmouse got me from Sock Summit 2009 since I couldn't go.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Feeling caught up...

...even though not much knitting has been done due to soccer practice starting up and helping my sister move into her new place. But her moving meant I had a clear bed to block my second Ulmus finally.

yarn: Socks that Rock lightweight in Potomac & Falcon's Eye
needles: size 5 KP nickel-plated circs as opposed to the Harmony circs used on Ulmus I
pattern size: large

And since I won't be going to Sock Summit, just living vicariously through all my knitting friends that are, I don't have homework to do and can casually work on my WIP's. So far I've got one Kai Mei sock done. Have I mentioned how much I love the squishiness of Pigeonroof Studio's Siren Two sock yarn? Lurve it.