Monday, June 25, 2012

I've been slacking

I really haven't been very motivated with my knitting the last few months, especially after spring break in Honolulu. But I assume I'll pick up production when I am ready. But I have done some knitting.

I did finish making a full-fingered glove version of Sivia Harding's Queen of Beads sock pattern.

And I started Cockeye's Perennial shawlette pattern on my way to Honolulu. But I actually didn't work on it while on vacation since I had the kids with me.  I then stalled when I broke the wood needles after we came back home.  I did get a replacement pair, but I haven't picked this back up yet.

I don't know how I finished Irishgirlieknits' sample Fiar, but I do well with deadline knitting.  I love the colors so much I'm making my own at some point.

I also started another Rockin' Sock Club kit, this time choosing All of 'Yer Buttons Mitts.  I'm actually done w/knitting one and need to cast on for the second.

I also started what will eventually be Tony, the Toy Box Monster before our trip to Honolulu.  This will be a gift for my newest nephew, but I'll have to sew on a pair of eyes instead of using safety eyes since he's in the TOT (toddler-of-terror) age range.