Friday, March 31, 2006


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Here's yet another Clapotis in Noro Silk Garden. That's colorway #233. Kinda rainbow-y and tropical. I found a post online from someone in the UK that's done the Clapotis in the same colorway. I love how the Silk Garden softens up after washing. Love all their colorways. Their color person rocks! Don't mind picking out the little bits of stuff, but I do mind when they do not continue the colorway after a knot.

Thank goodness I bought an eighth skein since I thought I'd be 18 rows over 7 skeins.

Now the question is what do I do w/the leftover maybe not quite 1 full skein of Noro. Not enough for a clapotis hat or wrist warmer. Probably not enough for a OSW. Maybe just a basic little hat?

Thursday, March 30, 2006

It's my Friday and I'll cry if I want to...

Picture heavy day. My second non-scarf FO:

Mag Knits tank of many colors done in Knitpicks (KP) Shine sport again. This time in Orchid, Blush, Grass, Butter, and Apricot. Very cute colors. Maybe because I was used to this yarn by now combined w/knitting in the round, this only took me one week, including changing the stripes. I was amazed how fast this flew. But of course, it wouldn't be one of mine if I didn't make an big mistake. Being a newbie knitter, I was not aware that there is a difference between seed and moss stitches. Even though the pattern writer specifically noted it was:

row 1: k1, p1
row 2: k1, p1
row 3: p1, k1
roe 4: p1, k1

I went:
row 1: k1, p1
row 2:p1, k1

D'oh! Nevertheless, I'm happy with how it came out.

Picture #2: Anouk by Kate Gilbert (pattern in done in the "new" version of Mission Falls 1824 cotton. Cute, no?!? No glaring mistakes that I know of though I did have to re-do the left shoulder as I changed my orientation to the pattern by accident. Still need to find some cute buttons for this:

Picture #3 & 4, my WIPs in KP Shine worsted in Snapdragon and KP Main Line in Dusty Lavender.

This is for DD1 - Debbie Bliss "Molly" bolero from Junior Knits.

A very late gift for a friend. Back & left front done. That's the right front up there.

And that's it for now. More pics to be posted later (yet another Clapotis!) and my Article Pract sale (well, mostly) haul.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


So, I'm yet another newbie knitter that decided to blog to keep track of the trials and tribulations of the craft called knitting. Mom showed me how to crochet as a kid and so I've been doing that off and on over the years. It wasn't until a friend of mine at work encouraged me to try knitting and loaned me her SnB book and one other as well that I decided to give it a go. After many teeny tiny little swatches knit up w/some kind of big box acrylic yarn, I went on to knit a few scarves in leftover LB acrylic stuff (Jiffy - still a UFO) and stoopidly, all kinds of eyelash yarn.

That all said, I give you my first non-scarf knitted object in all it's wonky stitched glory. It's the Daisy cardigan from knit in knitpicks shine sport in blush.