Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Trio of Irish Girlie Knits Patterns

I swear I knit more than just Irishgirlieknit sock patterns, but it just so happens that I can blog about a couple of them now.

First up is a pattern that she's released before, but she's been updating her patterns to her newer format. I knit this sample pair last month for her.

Pattern: Burst
Yarn Provided: Plucky Knitter Primo Fingering in French Twist
needles: US 1 (2.25 mm) circular needles
pattern size: medium IIRC or to fit her mom's feet

Next up is her pattern from the Sock Knitters Anonymous January Mystery KAL on Ravelry. I actually did this one for me for fun.  No sample or test knitting here.

Pattern: Blathnat
Yarn: Fleece Artist Sea Wool in Pixie from the now closed Yarn for Socks online store
needles: US 2 (2.75 mm) and 1.5 (2.50 mm) dpns
pattern size: medium
mod: carried the "flowery" lace pattern down the foot an extra repeat, causing the "stem" pattern to be a little short.  I had been debating with myself if I wanted a long stem or not, but I figure if I knit this pattern again, I'll do the pattern as written w/the longer "stem" on the foot.

In between Blathnat clues, I decided to cast on another one of Irishgirlieknit's patterns, this time the free Honey Badger pattern.  The pattern is quick since the sock is mostly in stockinette stitch. I'm done with the first sock and steadily progressing on the send.

Yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock lightweight in Crabby McCrabbypants
needles: size US 1.5 (2.50 mm) dpns
pattern size: medium

I still do crochet, by the way.  I'm slowly working on a lap blanket that I started when I had been called in for jury duty last fall.  I usually work on it during the monkeys' dance classes only, so I'm finally past the halfway point.   

Pattern: Over the Rainbow baby blanket
Yarn: Stitch Nation Bamboo Ewe  in Twilight, Mermaid & Beach Glass - Not machine washable! So I'm calling it a lap blanket for me & not a gift for the next baby in my circle of friends & family
Hook size: K

Monday, January 23, 2012

Just a FYI

From an organizational stand point, I've decided to move my make up posts over to my new make up blog.  (Link also on the side bar to the right along with my Mary Kay site.) At some point I'll delete the ones without knitting content from this blog.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Mary Kay vs MAC eyeshadows

I've been looking online and there are hardly any comparison swatches of Mary Kay's (MK) mineral eyeshadows with their supposed MAC eyeshadow duplicates except for one youtube video for certain. So I decided to swatch what I have to see what I would get.  All pics taken without flash next to a window.  All the rectangular pans are Mary Kay, all circular pans & pots are MAC .

First up, MK Amber Glaze vs MAC Amber Lights.  Of all the MK vs MAC shadows I've swatched, these two were the closest match and I would say they're pretty dead on.

MAC All That Glitters vs MK Honey Spice with MAC Naked Lunch thrown in for comparison.  I've seen mentions online that MK Honey Spice is a dupe for MAC All That Glitters and I have to politely disagree.  They're close, but not exact.  I threw in Naked Lunch to see if I can find another MAC eyeshadow that MK Honey Spice would be a dupe of, but Naked Lunch is a little pinker and sheerer. It's possible that there's a limited edition MAC eyeshadow that MK Honey Spice is a dupe of, but I don't own it.

MK Midnight Star vs MAC Deep Truth - swatched just for the heck of it.  Close, but MAC Deep Truth goes on blacker/darker.

MAC Rice Paper vs MK Moonstone vs MAC Shroom -The Moonstone/Rice Paper comparison has been made online, but again I disagree with this one. Rice Paper has always been on the subtle side of shimmer and is less yellow gold than Moonstone. Shroom is a little closer to Moonstone, but I was surprised Moonstone is frostier and less sheer.

MAC Satin Taupe vs MK Granite vs MAC Smoke & Diamonds (limited edition).  MK Granite is a little lighter, grayer & beiger ("greige") than MAC Satin Taupe.  MAC Satin Taupe has a definite plum undertone to it that Granite doesn't have.

MK Sweet Plum vs MAC Sketch - Again, this comparison has been made online and again I disagree.  Sketch is much more intense/darker than Sweet Plum. Both are great shades, though Sketch requires a light hand and many layers with much blending for it to not be too much for me.  YMMV, of course.

MAC Wedge vs MK Hazelnut with MAC Kid (now dc'd) and MAC Rich Flesh (limited edition) thrown in for comparison.  Hazelnut is similar to Wedge and Kid, with it being closer to Kid, but not dead on.

Price Comparison (Prices in US dollars pulled from both websites as of the date of this post):
Mary Kay mineral eyeshadow pan (0.05 oz) - $6.50
Mary Kay compacts (mini, regular, pro) - $16, $18, $35
MAC eyeshadow pan (1.5 g/0.05 oz) - $11.50
MAC eyeshadow pot (1.5 g/0.05 oz) - $15
MAC eyeshadow palettes (2-pan, 4-pan, 15-pan) - $7, $7, $16

Product Disclaimer:
All MAC eyeshadows purchased in full retail with my own money over the course of several years.  All Mary Kay eyeshadows except Moonstone were purchased with my own money at my Mary Kay Consultant discount rate.  Moonstone was purchased in full retail with my own money prior to becoming an independent consultant for Mary Kay.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Random Knits

The last of my post-holiday gift knitting is done for awhile:

pattern: Phydeaux Embraceable Cowl/Scarf
yarn: Bernat Roving in Rice Paper
needles: size 17

pattern: Phydeaux Asterisque Cowl
yarn: Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick & Quick in Grey Marble
needles: size 19

A friend of mine just had twins so I knit up a quick pair of baby hats.  The green & white to represent the University of Hawaii colors and the pink & white because my friend loves pink.

pattern: Magic Coffee Baby Hat
yarns: Knit Picks Comfy worsted in Jalapeno, Lion Brand Cotton Ease in Snow & Berry
needles: size 6
mod: only one stripe

I'm doing a little selfish knitting at the moment.  Irishgirlieknits is the designer for this month's Sock Knitters Anonymous mystery KAL & we're currently on clue 3.  I'll be sharing a pic when we're done. Join us for the fun!