Wednesday, March 29, 2006


So, I'm yet another newbie knitter that decided to blog to keep track of the trials and tribulations of the craft called knitting. Mom showed me how to crochet as a kid and so I've been doing that off and on over the years. It wasn't until a friend of mine at work encouraged me to try knitting and loaned me her SnB book and one other as well that I decided to give it a go. After many teeny tiny little swatches knit up w/some kind of big box acrylic yarn, I went on to knit a few scarves in leftover LB acrylic stuff (Jiffy - still a UFO) and stoopidly, all kinds of eyelash yarn.

That all said, I give you my first non-scarf knitted object in all it's wonky stitched glory. It's the Daisy cardigan from knit in knitpicks shine sport in blush.

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