Monday, February 05, 2007

Yarn regret?

Not sure if I should laugh about this or cry, but last summer, my friend L & I made several trips to Article Pract to ponder what sale yarns to get, especially the Noro. I fell in total love w/colorway #21. 'Cept in the Iro, not the Kochoran. I don't remember my rationale other than I didn't want something so bulky as Iro to knit into whatever, so I chose the thinner Kochoran in the same colorway. Sure, the royal blue portion wasn't the same in Kochoran as it was in Iro, but I thought, eh, close enough. Little did I know that when I started knitting the Kochoran, the angora would annoy the heck out of me. I suppose I should be grateful it's only making my exposed arms itch and not inducing my asthma, but I am bummed that this scarf I had intended for myself will be gifted away to someone who does like angora. Next sale, I'm going to follow my initial feeling, and go for the Iro.

And in other ambivalent knitting news, I've finally made it through the cheveron lace section and bookin' through the hip shaping on my SKB. I think I won't need to add to the 5 rows of straight knitting in bottom portion before I finish off w/the purl border as I think it'll be long enough. Apparently the majority of my torso length is above the bust line, not below it, proportionally speaking.

The photo monkey1 took of me makes the sweater look like it fits okay, but it's hard to tell w/the neckline curling in. After all the drama I generated in adjusting the bodice portion, it feels a little loose. And nothing like getting the Michelin Man effect in having the chevron lace section highlight my muffin belly (I've been slacking on the gym time mightily). Of course, I shouldn't be surprised that knitting a light worsted weight yarn on size 1 needles would give a corset effect. I probably won't do that again as it's not good for the wrists either, even with a nice yarn.


tapmouse said...

WOW! The SKB has progressed so much! I think it is looking pretty cute!

Man, I feel for you on the angora! The first scarf that I went all-out on for *me* (Cancun-I swear I think I used 3 skeins and at the time it wasn't cheap!, Kidsilk Haze-2 skeins...) I realized on the first wear that it did my lungs no good!

Angora kills my lungs, too! That Louise Harding stuff I bought and crocheted a 'quickie' scarf with killed my lungs just to crochet! (That one had a bit of angora, too!--no more bunnies for you!)

Batty said...

I'm wildly allergic to angora. It's bad stuff. At a conference, I had to ask someone to move because her sweater was making me sneeze, tear up and choke! So embarrassing.

tapmouse said...

oooooooh, I just saw your Spectrum pic posted at Lolly's site! You are a star!

Leslie (who hasn't done much with it 'cept take a few pics!)