Wednesday, May 09, 2007


are done!

Same details as the previous post 'cept I cast on a bit looser on the toe area 'cause I knit the first one too tightly but I'm banking on the silk to help w/the stretch sticking (the whole drapey=no "memory"). And as other sock club members noted, the toe area is a tad short. I can live with it, but I'm sure other knitters would add more straight St st rows before starting the lace section. The heel area is also on the short side, but I was too lazy to frog/tink back and re-calculate for a higher heel. Besides, it fits fine so far. I've got quite a bit left-over, so after I make a sacrificial swatch (debating if I ever want to make a sweater from this yarn), the rest will go to tapmouse who'll be making the knee high version.

eta: I haven't worn them for very long yet, so I'm not sure how much it'll slouch. However, I also have big calves, so that may counter the slouching.

I'm having a bit of overactive startitis 'cause I've already cast on for a second pair of Dublin Bays in Lorna's Laces Shepard Sock Uptown for Monkey1, started a narrow version of the linen hand towel from Mason-Dixon Knitting w/my one skein of KP Cotlin (I'm calling it my giant swatch), swatching my Scout Indie Swag Lavender Mint BFL for a test sock, and swatching some cotton for a sweater for Monkey2. I still need to finish my Chevron Scarf, my Y4S club April sock, and my Twisted Flower sock. (I've totally lost steam on the Twisted Flower despite seeing some gorgeous finished ones on And if I'm going to do some Hokie Healing squares, I need to move pronto to meet the May 31 deadline.


Tanya said...

Very nice job!

I've heard from others say that the leg becomes really slouchy after they are worn awhile. If this is so, I wanted to think of ways to keep this from happening. How are you socks in that department?

Kel said...

Very pretty! I love this yarn and can't wait to start, but as you are experiencing, I have a bit of a queue! (and should probably do the February kit first...)

Batty said...

Lovely socks! They look comfy and cozy and fun!

tapmouse said...

WOW! You've got lots going on now!-lol! I remember the 2 project days! ;) Your Grasshoppers are divine and I need to keep going on mine! Haven't had much time to knit these days. Can't wait til school's out!