Sunday, September 16, 2007

Ribby Pulli

C'est fini! The ends are woven in, but no washing and/or blocking done yet. Which probably makes taking modelled shots (in my pajama pants no less) not the wisest thing. But I'll blame this horrid cold which has settled oh so wonderfully in my chest.

Unlike tapmouse, I went for the more fitted Michelin Man look 'cause my gauge tightened up way more than I thought it would despite swatching up 2 needle sizes. But I'm hoping blocking will help a little as I wasn't inclined to frog and start way over. Besides, that would mean I would need to buy more Cascade 220 as I don't have much leftover from the last skein.

Ribby Pulli by Bonnie Marie Burns
Size: 37 lower body, 39 uppper body (sleeve count was the same for both)
Needle sizes: size 6 & 7

Modifications (aside from sizing up):
Added 2 inches of length to the body.

Omitted the bind off at the neck before starting the hood because I didn't want to eat up yarn doing it as I was concerned about having a yarn shortage. Luckily, I was proved wrong on the yardage, so I hope I didn't create any structural issues by not binding off the neck before picking up and adding stiches back in for the hood.

Omitted detaching the yarn and re-attaching the yarn after the first picked up row for the hood (again for yarn shortage concerns). I just moved the overlaping stitches onto a spare needle so I could shift the yarn over to the correct position.

Math interpretation challenges:
There was a typo in the sleeve count for the size 39, but no biggy. What I couldn't figure out was why I was 1 stitch extra in the fronts and 2 in the back despite the sleeve count being correct by the time I finished the raglan sleeve decreases & neck shaping. Since Tapmouse also had a count error in her size for the back when she was done with her raglan shaping, either we had interpretation problems with the pattern or there's more math typos. In the end, I decided to stop trying to figure it out and decreased the extra stitches away before doing the hood.

eta: I forgot to say I had plenty of CTH Twister left over for the hood. In fact, I accidently added 1" to the hood length before checking since I mis-remembered what it was supposed to be. The extra 1" made the hood long enough I think, so the leftover yarn will be made into a newborn hat for Hats for Alex. If you have any spare baby hats or want to use up some leftover yarn, consider Trillian's cause.

My first Wool Girl package didn't arrive in time for YPF, but it doesn't matter 'cause it's awesome.

I love extras! The little journal, pen, stitch markers, and the chocolate mint balm all with the Wool Girl label are great. I'll have to give the chocolate mint balm away however. While it's a great flavor in the mouth, the mint does a number outside my lips. Last but not least, the Waterfall yarn and same-named pattern are really lovely. I know tapmouse thanked me for leading her to Wool Girl, but it really should go to Carrie (and eventually Zonda) for introducing me to her in the first place. Awesome online store!

And all this focused knitting means I only have 1 WIP on the needles. A rarity indeed. But not for long. ;) In any case, I'm not sure if I like how the Fleece Artist Sea Wool in Sea Foam is looking in the Siren socks pattern. (The pattern is by Designedly by Kristi for the Yarn4Socks sock club.)

I hate to frog since all those k3togs & k3tbl were such a pain to do, so I'll plug on and see how the rest of the sock goes. The only reason I will frog though is if the sock doesn't fit when I try it on after the heel.


tapmouse said...

Yay! The Ribby Pulli looks great and you had enough for the hood!

I like the way your Fleece Artist socks are coming out-awesome! But I guess you will have to wait and see if it is what you really like.

Amazingly, I have been working on a second sock-my old Cedar Creeks! Still have the Campanula I'm plugging away on, as well as Solstice Slip. Seems like I need to catch up with you since we haven't been knitting together in a week or two!-LOL!

I kept checking for your "I finished my Ribby Pulli" post, since I was sure it was soon coming!

Nell said...

Great job on your sweater! It fits great!

IrishgirlieKnits & PashyKnits said...

The Ribbi Pulli looks absolutely fabulous!! Great job!!

And I love my woolgirl sock club package too!! I might even cast on for the pattern and everything (that would be a first!). I guess I'll take the blame for Woolgirl...really it was my sister's fault! She wanted Harry Potter Gryffindor sock yarn and Zonda just pointed the way :)

Nathania said...

Hurray for your finished Ribby! It looks wonderful. Please bring it next time you come by the shop!

Octopus Knits said...

Wonderful job -- it looks great! (I also love your socks from the previous post! I'm wishing I was a STR club member...)

Flow Blue Bud's Blogspot said...

Ooh, I look forward to seeing my Color Maven friend modeling her works when I'm in town.

And as for 300, I can't BELIEVE we didn't go see it in the theater. Talented man, that Gerard...

Zonda said...

That is awesome and looks good on you! Gosh...I'd be biting my nails worrying about having enough yarn. Great ways to reduce that chance too! Lovely colors!