Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Cedar Creek Rip Along

Despite repeated reminders from tapmouse that Kaci, the designer of the Cedar Creek pattern, likes really snug socks, I went ahead and used size 2.25 mm dpns since I know I can get the stated gauge of 8.5 spi on them. What I should've done was to use size 2.50 mm dpns, at least after the picot hem, especially since I couldn't even get this little bit of the sock onto my heel, let alone past it.

But since tapmouse also found an error in her Pisgah Cedar Creeks, she's ripping along with me. I will miss those skinny brown stripes when I go up on my needle size, but I also don't think I'll mind the fatter ones I believe I will get.

On the bright side, I finished hint #7 of my SotSii. Only 2 more hints to go and I'm only 2 weeks behind the end of the KAL. Not too bad. It could've been a lot worse. Not sure if I can finish this by the weekend, but I'm going to try since we have Monday off.

And on the even brighter side, I got my April Yarn4 Socks kit with a pattern by Ann Hanson and some very pretty Herb Robert colorway from Woolen Rabbit, which I've never bought before.


Nell said...

The Sotsii is looking good! And 2 weeks behind on a lace KAL is really good. You should be really proud.

IrishgirlieKnits said...

Bummer about the cedar creeks. I've tried mine on a bunch of times (very fitted, but I kinda like that) just to be sure. I really love that colorway too.

Wow on the SotSii! It is looking fabulous!

And that yarn and pattern are gorgeous...I had a hard time resisting it, but eventually I did resist. I'll live vicariously through you :)

tapmouse said... yarn! cool pattern! And you are so awesome almost completing the stole-unlike me who is still on Clue 3!-LOL! If I finish it this year, it will be absolutely remarkable!

And yes, now we are truly knitting along, since your frogging brought you and I fairly even on the progress!-lol!

I almost want to bet that had you gone down a needle size and up to the bigger size, it probably would still fit, Kaci designs so tight!

Batty said...

Beautiful yarn, and SotSii looks awesome. Sorry about the ripping, though. At least you don't have to do it alone. Oh, how I hate ripping.

Flow Blue Bud's Blogspot said...

I hope you are completely recovered from your cold--it sounded like a really nasty bout. Love your SotSii (even if I don't know what it stands for--the piece looked gawgeous from the start and only gets lovelier). I made my blog public again, so please link me up one more 'cause I like to be linked with you :)