Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Quick, quick, sloooooow

Quick 1 - Monkey1's "fingerless" glove:

yarn: Shelridge Farm Soft Touch Ultra handpainted from Stitches West 2008, I think. I have another pair of skeins that are a lighter version that I got the year before. But it may be vice versa.
pattern: from Ann Budd Knitting Book of Patterns - child large/woman's small glove
needle size: 2.75 mm KP dpns

The yarn is lovely to knit up. Not fond of all the ends I'll have to weave in, so I'll leave that chore to do while hanging out at Monkey1's soccer practice. Monkey1 has an inflated sense of my knitting speed 'cause when I showed her the first one, she said "Where's the other?" Nothing like having my own Task Manager.

Quick 2:

Love this Gumdrop sock. Love the pastel colorway. No mods whatsoever knitting the medium size on 2.25 mm circulars.

So so slooooow!

It took me all holiday weekend plus the extra day we took on Friday (Monkey2's pre-school was closed) to finish hint 2 of my SotSiii. Yeah, yeah, it would've been faster if I didn't knit the glove & sock, but they were more fun. Still, it doesn't bode well for my speed for the rest of the hints, especially since I can't work on this during soccer practice. Beads, laceweight yarn, folding chairs, and errant soccer balls are a recipe for disaster!

But I am consoling myself with how stinkin' cute this Wool Girl Sanrio and Friends sock club kit I got today!

The monkeys have dibs on the Hello Knitty stickers, but the rest are are all mine! Well, the non-Pochaco & Keroppi bits are negotiable. The yarn will definitely be knit up into socks for Monkey1. Then I'll have to see if I have enough left over to knit up something for Monkey2 or e-mail Wool Girl Jen if she has something similar or leftover.

PS. That particular sock club lottery with the 50/50 odds of getting in that happened a couple weeks ago? Yes, I'm in the 50%.


Flow Blue Bud's Blogspot said...

Oh, stinkin' stinkin' cute lil' sock care package! I say abscond with the loot when the kids are distracted with the stickers. And thankee for your schweet note on my blog, sniffle sniffle.

Quick, quick, slooooow--it's the knitter's tango!

Zonda said...

I just love Jen's packages!! Congrats on getting into the Wollmeise club! Nice looking mitt and like the sock pattern too, just not into pastels myself but it is pretty.

IrishgirlieKnits said...

Goody goody gumdrops...my heart is doing flip flops!! Love those socks!!! Super cute!

Fabulous hello kitty package too! Can't wait to get the Wicked Witch and Fall Charlie Brown ones!!!

And what, no lace and soccer practice? I'm surprised at you! hehehehhe!!

Batty said...

Great knits! I'm in love with your Gumdrop socks. And that package... goodness me, that has got to be the coolest sock club package I have ever seen. It's so awesome.

Nell said...

Nice package! Chococat is my favorite.

tapmouse said...

Yeah, meaning the 50% IN!!! I'm thrilled for you cuz that means I can be a member vicariously!

I can't believe I missed this post-must be cuz I've been so busy reading up on all the election stuff!-lol! And you get to hear me go on and on about it!-lol!

The mitt is adorable!