Tuesday, March 31, 2009

In that over tired over exhausted zone

At Icon in Seattle with my fellow Sock Campers the night before we headed to Sock Camp. Yum!

A Rare Gem bought on the first night of Sock Camp.

Wound up for Cat Bordhi's class tomorrow. (Whoops! Technically it's today!) Such a genius!

And my Rogue Roses sock got started, but not during Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's class 'cause we had so much to learn!

More soon I hope, especially the new colors, but I'm hoping my Sock Camp buddies with their better cameras post them first. Hee! Just think of Crabby McHappypants, Claws, Scum Bubbles, Sunkissed Sand, Beached(!), Plankton Ooze and more!


Disco said...

pretty pretty blue and black :0)

Tan said...

If I said jealous (1,000,000,000) you would know exactly what I meant, right?

Have a ball! Show us everything!

Batty said...

Cat Bordhi... dang. Have a great time, show us what you make!