Friday, June 26, 2009

Ulmus & Twirly

My first Ulmus is done!

pattern: Ulmus - large size
yarns: STR lightweight in Dutch Canyon (~74 g) & Mossay (at least ~141 g)
needle: size 5 KP circs

unblocked base x height = 40" x 20"
blocked base x height = 63" x 25"

I love how it can be considered a large scarf or a small shawlette. I love it so much that I'll probably make the second Ulmus in the large size too.

Also done is Monkey2's Twirly Skirt/Poncho. But because I upsized 1 too many, it's a little too big. So Monkey1 borrowed it for the chilly slightly foggy morning and struck this pose because "that's how all the models do it." (Uh-oh, no ANTM please!)

Clearly Monkey2 was less than pleased that her skirt/poncho was absconded by Monkey1, so no modelled pic of the FO as a skirt could be taken for the moment.

yarn: Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in Cotton Ball, Pink-a-Boo, Tea Rose, and Candy Apple
pattern size: 8 (at least there's lots of growing room)
size 7 KP circs

- Converted to in the round
- Knitted the waistband closed 'cept for a 1" gap for elastic insertion
- Faked the drawstring look by running a shortish i-cord through the 2 drawstring holes in the front


Flow Blue Bud's Blogspot said...

Whoa, what happened to my Stilaholic pink?! Ah well, the main colors I like to see are your knitted ones, anyhow. Love the Ulmus on you (the folding chair looked pretty darn good with it on, but it's divine on you), and the twirly skirt (there's my pink!) on your two model monkeys. They are just growing from such cuties to such beauties.

Neuroknitter said...

Your Ulmus is beautiful! I'm so ready for autumn!!

The little twirly skirt/poncho is darling!! The little monkeys are pretty darn cute, too!

Happy Friday!

IrishgirlieKnits said...

Goodness, those Monkeys of yours are getting bigger! And cuter! By the minute! Give them big hugs for me :)

Love the twirly skirt/poncho, but the oh wow. Just gorgeous!

Zonda said...

Gorgeous Ulmus!! Love those colors together. Aww the Monkey's look cute in their twirly skirt/poncho, even though they are trying not to :)

Kimberly said...

Love the colorway on your Ulmus! Outstanding. I'm about to start one but your color are already better. I need to use up stash so I'm using what I have. My blogmates and I are on a 2009 stash diet.

dianne said...

Wow, You've been busy! Your Ulmus is absolutely stunning. And your girls are adorable in the skirt/poncho. I wonder how they'll wear it more :-)

Batty said...

Lovely Ulmus, but Twirly looks amazing because of the adorable choice of model... on kids that cute, there's nothing that could possibly look bad.

Linda said...

Your Ulmus is gorgeous! And the Twirly looks fabulous on both models :)

cupcakefaerie said...

Beautiful knits and such cute models!