Monday, August 07, 2006

Decision point

I've finished the bottom of the FMB and am moving on to the body. I'm at the point now where I can start the striping pattern like the cool bag I saw posted on the knitty board, or I can go the plain route. If I do the striping, which I think I will do, I'll just carry the yarn in the back so I don't have to deal w/all the weaving in of ends since I'll be felting the bag anyway. It's the jogless jog part that'll be a little messy for me.

And I swatched up the little bitty sample I had of Artfibers Hana silk in color #9 doubled to see what kind of gauge I would get to see if I can sub it for the Simple Bodice sweater. It does meet the pattern gauge, but at $14.25 per 81 yds/50 g spool, it's not exactly a more economical sub. Well, cone prices are more economical than the spool, but I'll have to call and ask how much. I think that at some point I'll visit Artfibers and see what they would recommend. One option I think would be to carry the Hana silk w/something else, but the something else is what I need to think about a lot. Another is to pick a different Artfibers silk yarn like Kurasawa instead of picking a KP Andean Silk shade.

And our KP Main Line order came in and here's half. My friend and I split our order so we could get free shipping. I just need to finish my NSSC or my Kyoto so I can start Something Red. :P

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