Thursday, August 31, 2006

Still obsessing about my Glampyre Simple Bodice yarn sub choices


Top left- Artfibers Kurasawa 50% wool/50% silk - meets gauge, but a little thinner and drapier after I washed it. Friend says it's fine, but I'm not feeling it.

Top right Artfibers Sherlock - Gah, chainette tube type yarns will be the bane of my existence. Went up to size 8 needles, still 0.5 stitches too "small" before washing/blocking, then 1 whole stitch after. Arrgghh! I love the denser feel of it over the Kurasawa, but if I do get this for a different project, I'd go w/a lighter colorway. This one I swatched w/is a tad dark.

Bottom left - Brooks Farm Four Play - meets larger gauge on size 7 needles, smaller gauge on size 2! Love this one, but I am debating colors. Brooks Farm online only offers solid colors in Black and Brick. (Well, unless you count the denim too.) I could do black, but the design elements I like may get lost in such this dark color. Maybe I need to call Brooks Farm to try and get a better color description on the Brick as I'm not sure how much of an orange tone this will have in RL.

Bottom right - KP Andean Silk in Sangria - also meets both gauges on the same 2 needles. BUT, I'm allergic to this darn yarn! Darn, darn, darn! I knitted the chevron portion last night on the swatch and it still triggered my asthma. Crap.

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