Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The curse of the Kyoto?

The Kyoto sweater progresses despite it being somewhat a cursed process. In addition to the yarn shortage snafu, I had to re-knit the left front 2x. I discovered that when I was a few rows short of finishing it, I was short one stitch. Apparently I dropped an end stitch waaaay down, like after my first decrease. While I religiously counted my rows to make sure I was decreasing on the correct row, I failed to religiously count my stitches as well. Doh! And while the right front knitted up w/no mishap, the 3-needle bind off was another matter as I somehow dropped yet another stitch in the process (not to mention my short row shaping looks like crap). So now I'm onto my first sleeve which is finally going after 4 attempts to cast on. The first time I twisted the stitches, the second I dropped a stitch on the cast on row, and the third I started knitting a 2x2 ribbing instead of a a double seed pattern. It would be nice if this project would go smoother, but I don't want to jinx my NSSC which is going along rather nicely, if not slowly.

After much urging by tapmouse, I went and did the other sock so I have a pair of class socks from Sensational Knitted Socks. I hope that bodes well for my adventures in sock knitting. Then again it probably means that I have no excuses to make not just 1 sock from a pattern but a whole adult pair. Hmmm, I wonder if I'm setting the bar too high now. Heh. Anyway, I'm planning to give these class socks away provided monkey1 doesn't try to steal them for her baby dolls despite their being too big for the dolls. One thing for sure, I've now got monkey1 excited to have mommy make her socks from the Tap Dancing KP sock yarn I ordered.

And I finished the 3rd pair of the suede booties for the baby gift package going to my sister's friend. It doesn't really match the 2 One Skein petal bibs, but too bad. ;)

I should have enough yarn left over for the 4th and final pair of booties from the Berroco suede balls I got from Stitches West. Then the question will be what to do w/all that leftover Berroco Plush. I could either make a really small baby hat (preemie size?) for just save it from some frou-frou trimming on one of the monkey's next project.

While I flailed around about my frustrations w/my Kyoto sweater, I managed to knit up another Mason-Dixon bib, this time in the faded denim ombre colorway. I still need is to find buttons for these as the ones I have are either too big or too small. I have joined the MDK KAL, but I want to find buttons for these before I post there. Speaking of buttons, I need to get around to adding the MDK one to the side bar.

In addition, I should knit some coordinating burp cloths or washcloths to go w/these as I have a cousin having another baby in November and a former staffer and his wife having their first baby.


Kel said...

*sigh* I feel you on the Kyoto. I have not quite gotten around to ripping the sash out. Maybe I'll get to it tonight. Nice bibs, all of them! And I love those booties: I printed out the pattern and I have some suede, so maybe someday... and have you officially joined the ranks of the sock-obsessed!?!? Welcome to the cult!

tapmouse said...

WOW! I hadn't realized you had gotten so far on the Kyoto-I think I've just seen you knitting on the sleeves! It is going to be awesome! Now, if I would stop casting on socks and work on the sleeves for my wrap top I might have something decent to wear for this Fall!

Cool blog, Celia!